Friday, June 19, 2015

Wintertime around here

As we have entered into a time of restful replenishment as the days have grown shorter and the last light falls in the late afternoon. We have taken time to sit in the chai tent, dance to the beat of the drums and slow down a little. I long for the school holidays when we can set a gentler pace. A wander through the redwoods, chai at St, Andrews, nature walks in the mountains and a beach walk with friends. 

I've been quiet in my writing, over the past few months as we have journeyed with my mum in packing up my childhood home and supporting her tree change. I've cared for my parents for more than two decades and then for my mother when dad passed. There comes a time when you witness your parent no longer able to do things that were once easy and this change is timely, as I hope for a different daily life for my mother. One of community, inclusion and support that is not dependant on my tribe alone. I want her happy and content.  The packing of years of belongings some important and others destined for the op shop has been cathartic in many ways. The end of a season of our lives and the space created for new beginnings and new discoveries. I've been mindful to take photos of my little ones with Nana, in my old bedroom and playing as these are their memories and mine entwined. It is a good walking away from the past and the anticipation of the future seems bright.  It's taken much time and most of our energy, leaving me depleted and tired emotionally and physically. As l get older l am more accepting of my limitations and the need to honour our experiences and the resulting cost. I ended up sick and the tribe coming down with flu and congestion which made rest more important than ever. I've surrendered to my bed and couch when needed the last two weeks. I accepted that l had to  admit that l needed help and had immense gratitude for Adam's parenting and care as l fell apart. 

I watched the first frost hit the young seedlings in the veggie patch as they pushed through the soil and into the light in recent days. We have enjoyed telling stories of Jack Frost and King winter and the beauty of this weekend's Winter Solstice. In the mornings the mountain is covered in mist and the gums are moved by strong winds. I have been supporting local producers and eating locally. Stopping off for bags of carrots, potatoes and greens and bags of chai {great recipe here} for home after school drop off in the mornings. Bone broths {recipe here and here}, slow cooked braises {recipe here}, pressed juices, fire on as Tully plays. Oils of lavender and eucalyptus burnt in the kitchen to clear the air and help settle grumpy dispositions. Organic eucylptpus balm rubbed on bare chests  covered by winter woollies and handmade quilts. 

Leaves collected for our Winter Solstice lanterns for the lantern festival and the daily ritual of returning to the winter table for story telling and play. Winter as always been about drawing within and reflecting on the strength and beauty of the great Creator. Winter is a time for quiet, stillness and rest. To go gently and to surrender and replenish. To rediscover our inner passion and unique self {read a great article here}. I have a contentment in my life more now than in the past as l accept my everyday with mindfulness instead of planning ahead and looking forward for happiness. My happiness is now, today, here. More than ever this winter, l have stopped and slowed down and enjoyed the slowness without conflict or the feeling that I should be busy and 'doing'. I want to honour this on Saturday as l light our lanterns and with my tribe do the lantern walk. I long to create our own winter spiral for my tribe after reading about one tribe's ritual walk and how much meaning it would have for my little ones {read Sparklestories winter spiral here}.

This afternoon we will make our lanterns, drink Chai and draw winter pictures taking time to create and go gently as l am reminded that to learn to live a slower pace is something l long to impart on my two. 

How are you celebrating Winter?

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