Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being grateful in motherhood

Feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful for my tribe today. 
That I was able to hold, carry and birth my babies. 
It's transformed my life. Taught me to love more. 
To embrace life fully and walk in grace and mindfulness.
They are such a part of me out in the world to make their mark and join in the tapestry of life.
Little feet, arms outstretched and wide, holding, embracing and loving each other. 
Their creative, passionate, independent and wildly free personalities and their full spirits so open to life and adventure.  
So blessed to mother, nurture and hold these two. 
It's chaotic and wild, ever changing and yet such an abundant dance. 
I light candles for my beautiful mother who birthed me. Who has taught me to accept my imperfections and love my children with all that I have. Today I acknowledge that she gave poppy and tully the chance of life as well through giving me life. 
I light candles for adam's mother and grandmother that bless us with love for our tribe. 
And a candle for my two grandmothers passed, the sacred feminine + my ancestors no longer earthside. I give thanks to mothers everywhere. Be blessed. 
And to those that mother and care for others tribes by nurturing,  happiness and blessings to you.
I'm blessed by many friends such as these. 
I'm giving thanks today. 
Happy Mother's day to all. 
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