Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Around here

My tribe after endless days of fever and virus are back to full health. Lots of bone broth and alphabet noodles, cups of tea and movies were watched. I've been busy doing Autumn inspired Intentional learning with my tribe. Leaf rubbing using our monster rainbow crayons. Threading Autumn leaves, making our Autumn table and role playing with our wooden and schleich figurines with our wind wands. Lately, we have had a strong focus in play on storytelling. It's beautiful to watch tully and Poppy engage one another in imaginative play.

I've had a full week of sewing Poppyfox orders - Reversible Sunday pinnie's in velveteen, fox pants in turmeric yellows and bear brown velveteen, storage tubs, classroom bunting and skirts. Head over here, Custom orders always welcome. We've got lots of products available to buy in the shop and over on Instagram just message me to order. I'm sewing for the Nepal bunting fundraiser with a bunch of other creative women for Oxfam over the next couple of days and it feels like a blessing to do something with my sewing that can provide aid to those in need. I'm praying as of Mondsy I'll be back blogging and listing new items in the Etsy shop. 
What have you been up to? 

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