Friday, May 22, 2015

Around here| thoughts on living an Intentional life

Around here...... I've been mindful about taking some time to take in the last days of the Autumn season. I've planted out our seeds for our Winter veggie garden. Fire's on, quilts on the couch, beeswax candles alight. Warming broths, immune boosting meals, eucalyptus balm rubbed on chests before bed, wooden jumpers and beanies. Slowing down to eat, rest and have nature play. The long list of chores and work will always be there. But my tribe won't always be small. I'm being present and taking it all in. It's been a busy, noisy week so instead of being busy in housework, sewing and writing I took a break. I craved to clear my head and make some space. Always exploring, Tully needs to connect with nature every couple of days, as a tribe we all need it regularly. It's our place to commune with God and bare witness to the season's.
We took some time to collect things for our winter table and head to the river this morning. A stop at the bakery, the playground, to the river and the ducks and a walk. It was soul nourishing. Embraced by the moving current, sitting still taking in all of the river's beauty and life.
The river has always been a special place for me. It helps me return to what is true and become grounded no matter what's happening. 
A river can give a city it's very soul. Spending time by the river teaches us many things one of them the flow of life, it's constant movement and it's clear that an enchanted (Intentional) life demands an appreciation of its flow. ~Thomas Moore

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