Monday, April 20, 2015

Birthdays and new learnings

It's my birthday this morning. A new dawn and another year. I spent some time just sitting this morning being still. I acknowledge the movement and current of my life with renewed gratitude today. I awoke to my tribe's abundant love and greeting.

Each step in this journey, I'm coming closer to my centre. Letting go of things that hinder and take joy. I'm sitting with much contemplation and my fingers itch to write. My hands hold all that is sacred in my life and I feel so full of its great life and beauty today. The whisper of it, so strong. Breathe, smile, wait, walk, time, time, time. There is a great dance of knowledge deep within this imperfect spirit. The open weave of my struggles, longings, truth and need for love creating a tapestry that leads me forward. Embracing simplicity, celebrating this creative life and honouring moments of connection. Mindful, beheld in life, honest, broken, beautiful, content, accepting.

Today I thank the sacred feminine, my mother and acknowledge the fruitfulness of my life in all its pure simplicity and mess. Happy 'birth' day to me. 

*Beheld- (my new art work by the amazing Lucy Pierce). 
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