Monday, February 2, 2015

The first day of school| Learning Series

"Few sights are as touching or emotionally overwhelming as that of our child releasing our hand and walking off to the classroom on the first day of school. The pre-school years are over. Our responsibilities shift and we find ourselves beginners once more. Raising schoolchildren proves to be a radically different experience from tending our under fives. Amateurs once again, we face a new stage of motherhood each time one of our children starts school." *
- Sarah Napthali, Buddhism for Mothers of Schoolchildren.

This morning I woke Poppy up early with a hug. School uniform laid out for the morning ahead, she dressed quickly and Adam did her hair. We ate breakfast all the while reassuring her that it would be a great first day of school.  I was present in her joy and aware of my own feelings. Such anticipation, excitement and apprehension in a little person but l am hopeful for her and all that is to follow. We captured the moment, we shared excited smiles. She held my hand and we walked happily into the classroom. She went to the felt and began to play, we hugged her and said goodbye.

It was easier than I expected. New friendships, adventures and discoveries to be made and much of it without me. I'm aware of the transition and shift in my mothering and that raising a school child is and will be radically different than tending to little ones under five. It is a bittersweet moment, but l am so proud of who she is, her willingness to learn, her passion for the written word.  The creativity that bubbles forth from all the intentional learning over the years.  That loving and strong spirit that will help her in this new journey. I only cried a few tears on the way home as Tully sang in the backseat while Adam and I talked. It's the beginning of a new journey. It has begun. I wonder what changes and learning will come as we navigate the five day school week and develop a new home routine. How the rhythm of our daily lives will change. I'm reading, pondering and being mindful to care for Miss 5 and myself this week. 

How did your morning go?

* You can find the books I'm reading at the moment- here, other resources herehere and here.
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