Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5/52: a portrait project

  " a portrait of my children, every week, for 2015."

 Miss Five| those long legs kicking at the water as you chat away under a blue sky.

Little Fox| Oh those bare legs and salties.

Siblings| sharing and helping one another, it's those moments that l cherish

The last of the holiday series. I was in the prep week mode last week and just didn't make quiet for blogging but l am back. I'm joining Jodi over at Practising Simplicity for the 52/2015 project.
Moments captured with an IPhone 6 this week, no filter, natural light thanks to our australian summer. You can read all about last year's 52/2014 and see all the 52 portraits of my tribe here from the beginning. 
How did your first weeks back at school go?

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