Friday, January 9, 2015

Reflecting on summertime + mothering

Summer days have turned golden. Rolling hills of gold and amber, vines and trees of mint and forest green. Bare limbs, sunscreen and cotton adorned by all. Car rides and packed picnic baskets. Lazy picnics and forest wanderings. I love summertime. 

Christmas time was loud, joyful and busy. With the new year there has been much needed quiet. I missed loved ones that were gone, realised just how lucky l am to mother my two and have life. I handmade my presents and poured love and gratitude into them knowing that having the time to make things for my family and friends really is precious and worthy of acknowledgement. And with Christmas came family and food and being able to rest. And that is what l have done. I’ve created space to slow down and savour time with Ads and my little ones. It's great having him home for a month. We need this time. Having the time to stop I've been open to witnessing and hearing their stories, adventures and imaginative play. I’ve sat amongst a sea of pillows listening to Poppy tell stories of rabbits, fairies and dinosaurs. I’ve laughed at her wild imagination that is both beautiful and captivating making me want to be as wild as her. Wrestling together till the kids call mercy. Watching Tully focused on play, roaring and laughing with dinosaurs, his stories becoming more vocal. Packing baskets and toys for adventures together. It’s been a blessed time. I’ve shared my thankfulness with my little ones for the little moments of joyfulness. The spontaneous cuddles, magical grins and the sloppy kisses given like gifts. I don’t want to miss a moment of their days and l want them to know the love l have for them deep within. In a few weeks Poppy will start school and l know that this time is precious. New beginnings and fresh starts.

Our mornings have been slow and still. Sleeping in, reading books in bed and on the couch together. Lazy breakfasts and morning coffee as we plan our days. Clothes and mess have been cleared from the house, simplifying things for when we sell. Cupboards raided of hoarded treasures and clothes that no longer fit. It’s all gone to the op shop. I feel as l continue to clear emotional clutter and make soul space for myself, I’m also doing it in the home and there is more space, peace and stillness for us all. When we need a break we head out to places that nurture us.

The afternoons where we escape our home are often wild and grand adventures to the forest, beach and river. These sojourns have grounded me. These adventures now memories to treasure as a mother and as a family. Standing in the forest amongst old redwoods and hearing the dance of tree limbs, the rustling of leaves and the wisher, wisher, wisher of wind it heals me. These are my sacred places where God resides, where wisdom is found and my spirit can fly. All my insecurities, frustrations, fears and concerns that cloud my spirit, are swept away in the water’s current and wind’s song. It rebirths a rhythm of wholeness within. I carry this back home and it seems to make me more grateful for our home and what we have created together.

And on the days where l sit in my studio, ready to create, to cut and sew, they are happy times where l feel inspired and excited with the colour and texture of my fabrics and my children’s interest. Where their little fingers play near my sewing baskets laying out fabric scraps in a tapestry of colour to later inspire their own quilts as l sew. Wooden blocks become furniture for the dolls house and floor pillows a movie viewing platform for afternoon movies. Our daily life continues, we complete work, we dance and play together no matter what our mood and in it’s imperfection and simplicity, it’s all magical.

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