Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reflecting on mothering - these last days before school.

Mothering. The entwining, artful, loud, energetic dance. The juggle, the race, the heartbeat of family time. 
It’s not always wonderful with the noise, tears and chaos that two little ones can manifest but l am often awed by the love God instills in my heart. He is good. 
The strength God instills that enables me to mother and love my little ones and my husband. To help, teach, and nurture all their differences and their needs, to embrace it all. To be able to fall apart and get back up again. To find humour in the crazy. 
We ventured out to buy school shoes for little feet and I felt the last five years with Poppy coming to a natural close. She's heading to school in a few weeks. We will of course continue our learning at home but she's going to embrace the newness of learning, the colour of the classroom, and fall in love with the written word in a new way. She'll build new friendships without me.

A season of letting go for me and a new beginning for Poppy. I'm mourning the end of the old, but I'm hopeful for her and that I'll find my footing again. 
I'm mindful to be prepared for when that loss hits me, I know that the emotion will come. The need to embrace her and let go of her hand as she walks into class. That its ok. It was meant to be.

These last weeks we will head to the beach. To pare back our days and slow down. Long days at the beach, shared stories, sandy toes, salty hair, meandering coastal walks. I can't wait. These are the days. And I'll embrace it all. 

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