Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reflecting on grieving | Saying goodbye

A memorial to my dear friend.
I've known her since I was 17. It started in chapel one morning sharing a seat at bible college, beanie on my head with my bright red hair and her with that sunny disposition. That moment when two kindred spirits meet and its kismet and that friendship spanned twenty years of laughter, joy, turmoil, adventure, acceptance and love. 
Sonia was a loyal, kind, humble, God fearing, wine drinking, adventure seeking woman and a dreamer, who always had time for a chat, a laugh and a coffee. 
We shared so much in Melbourne and long distance. My past is rich with shared memories of our conversations and adventures. Even with the eb and flow of our lives + being oceans apart it did not change that friendship and as we talked about her coming home, we shared our mothering stories and dreamed of the future. Sadly, she didn't make it. 
I miss her deeply and there are days that that loss is felt so keenly-  it feels like wave upon wave of sadness and loss reaching the sandy shore. Mostly though, I just feel such immense gratitude that I shared something really special with her and that we accepted each other and our imperfections with great affection and love. 
So this morning, as we poured her ashes into the ocean, I close my eyes to old ends and open my eyes and heart to new beginnings. Sonia thank you for all you were, gave and shared with us all. I will honour you by embracing all in my life, in my mothering and in moving forward with immense gratitude.
Rest my dear friend. 

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