Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Climbing beans, giant sunflowers and teepees | The Garden Series

My garden is a sanctuary in our home.  The summer sun beats down and the rain replenishes and no matter what's happening it brings us joy. Time in the garden is sacred and one of learning for our tribe. We've planted together and watched it grow and change over the Christmas period. I love the transition of Spring to summer in the garden. The deep greens of the bean runners climbing the tee pees. The colours of turmeric, earth and straw in the garden with bound bunches of herbs drying and the hay nestled amongst plantings. The potato bed is slowly drying out ready for harvest. Our garlic plantings failed but our broad beans, celery and silver beet were plentiful. The warm humid days have pushed seeds planted a week earlier up through the soil.  The garden is pregnant with seedlings, little seedlings and lush bean beds waiting to fruit and be harvested. The heavy rains have meant I haven't needed to water at all. My giant sunflowers stand as cheerful sentinels to our home which boarder the two corn plantings. Vintage floral bunting sits in the window above the potato bed. I have very little room to plant out and I admit I dream of a bigger space which would allow more variety and space for good crop rotation. 
my dream of half an acre of land, apple crates laid out in a grid with rotation plantings through out the year. A nature strip minus the grass and covered in low lying herbs for our local community to harvest. Espalier fruit trees and vines and an olive grove bordering our property. One day, one day......

Growing vegetables an update|

What's growing in the garden 
Apple mint
Long beans
Golden dwarf beans
Lemon tree
Lime tree
Olive herb plant
Olive trees
Passion fruit
Snow Peas
Lemon Thyme
(tiny tommie's, lemon drops, three heritage varieties) 

Almost harvesting

Watching, growing and waiting
New rows of Lettuce
A couple rows of carrots and a boarder of snow peas.
Coriander seeds + Parsley planted near the letterbox. 

Ongoing tasks
Mulching with straw/pea mulch.
Cleaning and digging up the potatoes in the next two weeks. 
Watering in worm wee and seaweed fertiliser for added growth. 
Thinning out tomato shoots. Staking and tying limbs to provide support and strength. 
Adding scraps and paper/ shredded waste matter to the compost bin. 
Drying egg shells to add to the mulch, also using them as a snail deterrent. 

What's growing in your garden? Have you come across any great recipes using seasonal produce.

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