Sunday, November 30, 2014

Planted earth + summer plantings| the garden series

My garden remains a promise, a siren's song to a new season, plentiful life and new growth. Seeds sown in freshly turned soil, the smell of jasmine at twilight. The garden replanted, and a ocean of hay on top, fresh and hopeful. 
This week, as the sky was blue and cloudless overhead, the sun bright and inviting the children played as I planted out the last of the basil seeds and variety of beans. I wanted to plant neat rows of carrots, beans, potatoes, corn and herbs but my four year old had other plans.
"Mum why not a teepee", she exclaimed as her eyes lit up, "a secret garden teepee!"
She collected stakes, asked for a doorway and let me get to work. She sat playing with her brother planting pots and drawing with chalk. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's going to work but the teepee is wide, wrapped and bound by twine, with the doorway open facing our front door. Climbing beans planted at the base of each stake and it's my hope the runners will wind themselves over the structure and provide a shaded sanctuary for play from the heat of summer. My rows of corn, beans, carrots and zucchini are a little haphazard but I'm hoping they provide a carpet of greenery in summer.

What's growing in the garden| 

Chocolate mint + mint
Basil coming up {4 varieties}
Beans {climbing beans, dwarf yellow butter beans, green dwarf beans}
Blueberry plant {fruiting}
Carrots {3 rows}
Coriander {seed saving for next crop}
Corn seedlings growing quickly {2 round wire structures and three plantings near letter box}
Celery {seed saving for next crop}
Dill {seed saving for next crop}
French Tarragon
Lemon tree {flowers no fruit}
Lime tree {blossoming no fruit as yet}
Olive herb plant
Olive trees {flowering}
Parsley {flat leaf- seed saving for next crop} curly still harvesting
Passion fruit { abundant fruit still green}
Potatoes up from last season in the twine patch, great leaf growth. Sugar cane mulch laid down. Ceres box of potatoes up near the lemon tree. Three rows in total- tall potato plants need more mulching. 
Raspberries {new leaf growth, few berries}
Rhubarb {lots of leaf growth}
Silverbeet {seed saving for next crop}
Strawberries {lots of green leaves, flowers}
Sunflowers flowering and also coming up
Thyme + Lemon Thyme + variegated thyme
Tomatoes {4 types planted in plastic green bags}
Zucchini {7 mounds planted out, mulched to help retain moisture, wire placed over the top- cat proofing}

Ongoing tasks|
Now the teepees and stakes in the garden have been secured in the garden we are going to do an art project out of reclaimed bottle tops. 
Rainbow bunting nearly finished. 
Working on cat proofing the plot-
Started using scat granules along with egg shells it's hit and miss at the moment.
Bamboo has been cleared but still need to plant out second garden. 

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's The strayed table and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  What's growing on your garden at the moment?

x Mummafox

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