Sunday, November 9, 2014

The end of harvest | The garden series

It happened, I knew it needed to. The garden got harvested. Striped back and dug over. The patch is a barren, Topsy turvy landscape absent of tall giants and the greenery l was so use to. Little sections remain as a fruitful reminder of what is possible. 
A fresh start in gardening is always a good thing. New beginnings. Lots of intentional learning happening here. Miss 4 harvesting the tall giants for their succulent green pods. Herbs collected and used in soups, stock, risottos, slow cooked pasta sauce. Carrot and ricotta, vegetable sausage rolls. Spinach and beetroot leaves added to fresh salads with our cos leaves that have gone to seed, with mixed herbs and the last of our snow peas. 
New beginnings in the garden this month. To create my favourite place once again. New boroughs to be made. Seeds to be sown. New art to be made with the little ones. Keep you posted.

What's growing in the garden| 

Chocolate mint + mint
Blueberry plant {flowering}
Coriander harvesting the bed near front window planted out from seed collected from last summer, going to seed {seed saving for next crop}
Celery one row but coming to end of cycle
Dill {going to seed}
French Tarragon
Garlic {seriously crappy crop not sure what l am doing wrong}
Lemon tree {lots of lemons}
Lime tree {blossoming not fruit as yet}
Olive herb plant
Olive trees
Parsley {curly and flat}
Passion fruit { fruit still green}
Potatoes up from last season in the twine patch, great leaf growth. Sugar cane mulch laid down. Ceres box of potatoes coming up near the lemon tree. 
Raspberries {new leaf growth alongside the potatoes}
Rhubarb {lots of leaf growth}
Strawberries {lots of green leaves, some flowers}
Thyme + Lemon Thyme + variegated thyme

The end of harvest|
Broad beans {giant stalks and lots of pods}
Rainbow Chard
Lettuce bed of Cos - harvesting for salads daily {starting to shoot}
Snow peas and Snap peas {finished producing, pulled out and added to compost. Teepees moved to new location for climbing beans and snow peas}

Ongoing tasks|
This weekend we are undertaking the art project for the bean runners using reclaimed and collected bottle tops. 
Looking at a new art project with the children using bottle tops and coloured fabric scraps. Will make a new bunting for the garden window too to celebrate spring and summer.
Ads to finish painting veggie tags with Miss 4 {at least the backyard has been cleaned up and this will be happening next weekend}
Working on cat proofing the plot-
Started using scat granules along with egg shells and fabric string lines and they have worked really well near the front door (hooray!!!) A cat moved out (YEY!) all seems to be going well.
Redo the worm warm and get it going for the warmer months in a cooler spot.
Weed garden across from us, add tubs for herbs, potatoes and possible lettuce beds. Bamboo is a problem that l can do little about in that bed so until l move to another property l will be gardening amongst the bamboo.

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's The strayed table and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  What's growing on your garden at the moment? Have any tulips, daffodils and sunflowers appeared in your garden yet?

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Happy gardening.
x Mummafox

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