Thursday, September 25, 2014

Taking Stock in September

Making : things for the shop and some custom clothes/quilts.
Cooking: risotto with creamy garlic, chicken and peas from the garden + slow roast lamb salad + a couple of lemon yoghurt syrup cakes. 
Drinking: a glass of Spanish red, morning coffee, teapots of milky black tea + water with mint. 
Thankful: for a much needed trip to the hot springs with ads {and no children}.
Reading: the bible, Anna waker to the kids and frankie. 
Wanting: a massage.
Looking: at Bonnie and Neal for the home and Ink and spindle for inspiration. 
Playing: the Waifs, old Pearl jam, world music + Songs for the Wigglewoms.
Deciding: what to wear for a park party. 
Wishing: the house would clean itself.  
Enjoying: the sunshine, the magic of Children's imaginations + friendship. 
Waiting: for the final winter harvests of cauliflower and peas so I can replant the veggie garden for the warmer months. 
Liking: tomato and cheese on crackers. AMAZING! 
Wondering: when my broad beans will produce pods, such beautiful flowers standing tall.
Loving: dabbled sunlight on the path near my door. 
Pondering: if ruin is the way to transformation then what transformation is this? Who will I become? It's been such a refiners fire lately. 
Considering: how I use my time.
Watching: tattoo nightmares, ink master, + old school Disney movies {dorky I know}. 
Hoping: the rain stops.
Marvelling: how fast time goes.
Needing: a sleep in.
Smelling: jasmine and mint outside, + oils of sandalwood, blood orange and patchouli in the house.
Wearing: anything comfortable with my salties. I just bought new jeans hooray!
Following: yogagirl, piperandpoppies, myorangepocket, soulskinmusings to name a few.
Noticing: it's sadness that I'm sitting with that Soz isn't here. I read through the grieving series and I'm sitting with it all once again. 
Knowing: the gift of grace in my life.
Thinking: about how good a holiday down the beach would be. 
Living: authentically {trying to}.
Admiring: patient mothers.
Sorting: endless washing, play food and Lego pieces. 
Buying: pumpkin, basil, coffee beans, good arborio rice, Parmesan by the block and flinders rye bread. 
Getting: ideas for new ink. 
Bookmarking: yoga asanas, meditations and scripture. 
Disliking: mess and crumbs underfoot.
Opening: the blinds to a new day, a day filled with life, gratitude, lots of to dos and very little motivation {but it's all good}. 
Giggling: at bad jokes. 
Feeling: the need to slowdown, to appreciate reading a book, sipping tea when it's still hot and couch time.
Snacking: on prunes, pumkin seeds and raisins.
Wishing: for wall art, I'm getting ready to paint my own when I can make time. 
Helping: friends tell their stories, fulfil their dreams and leap ahead. 
Hearing: the sounds of my children in the house. 

What are you up to? What's been happening in your neck of the woods? Let's catch up.

x Mummafox
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