Thursday, September 4, 2014

Taking Stock| August

How are you? I am recovering from a really crappy cold. It's been challenging and yet great too but Spring I am so happy you have sprung. I'm taking stock of the month that's been...... what have you been up to?

Making : Spring reversible Sunday Pinnies + headbands in vintage florals and organising things for wrap skirts over the next two weeks
Moving: the shop back over to Etsy next week, it's happening
Cooking : Asian Soups, slow roasts and salads from my garden
Drinking : Creamy coffee from my coffee maker and a pot of Buddha tears in my warming tea chest
Reading: Harvest by Meredith Kurtin, Nora Roberts the Calhoun's, Frankie and revisiting Care for the Soul by Thomas Moore.
Wanting: space. I've been hanging at home but l long for rolling green hills and a sandy stretch of beach.

Writing: about my garden here, the reflection series here, and my stills here.
Watching: David Attenborough Nature series through September for Intentional learning
Playing: with schleich animals, wooden rainbows and cookie dough
Deciding: what to cook for dinner tonight
Wishing: for a holiday somewhere warm with a beach {bali}
Enjoying: Reading month with the Huey's series by Oliver Jeffers and a huge pile of books by Anna Walker
Waiting: for health to return to the family

Liking: sitting on my huge couch looking out at the gums with the fire on
Wondering: how my children have grown so quickly, they are sprouting
Loving: cuddles
Pondering: my life calling- what to do with the future?
Considering: when we will be well again and have energy
Hoping: for joy, laughter and lightness
Marvelling: at the beauty of simple things
Needing: to get back to salads and smoothies
Smelling: sandalwood, eucalyptus and Yemen husk oil in the house
Wearing: salties, socks, jeans that are too big and woolie cardi's in bright colours
Following: this blog, babs inspired a bubbles lesson for intentional learning which l think will be this afternoon as our bread rises and I fold washing with the tribe. And of course following foxslane, and this one.
Noticing: the garden changing and enjoying the daily harvests
Knowing: that God gives me strength and the courage to face anything
Thinking: that although you think the grass is greener in someone else's life this usually isn't the case
Feeling: love. gratitude. humility and exhaustion {all in a week!}
Admiring: all the people that took on the 21 day yogagirl challenge, it was such a wonderful way to love, share hope and build community.
Buying: costumes and cane baskets
Getting: excited that ads and I are going to a party Saturday night {some alone time, finally!}
Bookmarking: this garden blog
Disliking: loneliness
Opening: my eyelids, I'm trying to stay awake
Giggling: at antics of two kids together
Snacking: on rice crackers, apples and cheese and tomato on crackers.
Coveting: the art work in this house tour oh the colour {I think l am going to attempt some paintings}
Wishing: I could take a break with the family and slow down for a while {bali, hmmm}
Helping: those around me in little ways
Hearing: my tribe sing frozen in the car, just brilliant!
What's been happening with you?

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