Thursday, July 31, 2014

Taking Stock| in Winter

Making : lists for a new Intentional learning craft pack, doing winter pinnie orders + selecting fabrics for a spring collection of Sunday pinnies.
Cooking : Mexican recipe share here and here, trying out dumplings, making everything's wonderful spaghetti sauce (recipe here) + eating pad Thai tonight, Nom Nom.
Drinking : Cuban Rum, really good JJ Hahn Shiraz and copious cups of milky tea
Reading: the Alphabet Family Journal, My Abuela's table by Daniella Germain and revisiting Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy. Such great reads.  I've read these blogs today catching up-piperandpoppies, veggie mummalunchlady, practising simplicity the 52 series, documenting delightfoxslane and the new work by Ramak Bamzar
Wanting: to take time to read my new Frankie magazine and blog. 
Acknowledging: my desire for community, I really liked the Village, you should read it if you haven't.
Looking: over photos and reminiscing. Grateful for story, for the time with family and friends and watching my tribe grow up.
Playing: with a borrowed Canon Mark 2. I'm going to share some photos from my adventures over the course of the week in Stills.
Deciding: whether to have a pj day tomorrow while l sew and head to kinder would that be uncool?
Wishing: I had a date with Adam.
Enjoying: nighttime with the glow of the oil burner, smell of lavender and eucalyptus and the lamps on.
Waiting: for things to slow down.
Liking: orange dark chocolate, the firelight of beeswax candles at night and my vases of daffodils + mint from the garden.
Wondering: if anyone actually reads my blog, yep I ask myself this question.
Loving: Beth Orton, baking and smell of bread rising.
Pondering: why jealousy and hate are so prevalent, what about sharing joy, love and grace. Just don't get it.
Considering: buying Julia Donaldson's Paper dolls for poppy and Stick Man for my little one. One of my favourite things is snuggling on the couch and reading to them. There is such beauty in story telling and sharing the joy of imagination.
Watching: Little fox learning words, sharing his thoughts and feelings. Witnessing Miss 4 applauding his efforts, sharing in his conversations and how they sing together in the car. He is turning into a feisty, passionate and very funny little boy.
Hoping: my beautiful friend Sonia knows the peace of God and the stillness of being present.
Marvelling: at the beauty of laughter and gift of shared hugs.
Needing: money to pay the bills there I said it.
Smelling: mint, eucalyptus, sandalwood and beeswax.
Wearing: linen, warm wraps, layers of metalicus and my saltwaters with tights.
Following: the last episodes of offspring- last night I admitted to being addicted to this. If they end it here l will have a meltdown. How about you are you as bad as l am. I just want Nina to find happiness is that to much to ask?
Noticing: the wattle coming into flower and the red leaves of the blueberry plant falling off.
Knowing: the word of God and his immense live right now.
Thinking: it's wine o'clock.
Feeling: gratitude and grief at the moment.
Admiring: the blend of cotton, fabric and thread and how beautiful the process of sewing and creating can be.
Sorting: out wardrobe and spring cleaning the linen closet.
Buying: vintage bedlinen and handmade knits
Getting: bags and bunting ready to shoot for the shop. You can find all reversible Sunday pinnie's, unisex fox pants, intentional learning resources and custom orders shop over here
Holding: a poppyfoxathome giveaway have a look over here.
Bookmarking: fabrics for future wrap skirts and quilts, I really love fabric.
Disliking: people who in their jealousy and hate lash out and take enjoyment in hurting others.
Opening: myself to learning
, shared love, truth and letting go of all else. I embrace it all, I am present and I'm taking it all in. 
Feeling: full to the brim.
Snacking: on chocolate and macadamia cookies just out of the oven
Coveting: this artwork l would love this for my wall.
Wishing: that the conflict in Gaza would cease {I read this amazing editorial here, if you haven't read it you should}
Helping: my mother.
Hearing: the wind through the gums and the sound of slanting rain on the front window. 

Joining Pip, taking stock and getting back into the swing of things. What things are you filling your days and your thoughts? I'd love to hear from you. Remember head over to Instagram and enter our giveaway ok. 
x Mummafox

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