Friday, July 25, 2014

Reflections on grieving

Today is an extremely hard day. My best friend fights to the end with terminal cancer and I sit grieving. It's hit me today. I had to write words of love to her so as to not have regrets at the end. For later it will be to late. Almost 20 years of hopes, dreams and adventures, both of us mothers, story tellers, social workers, Christians, spiritual sisters and wives = a lot of sharing. I hold gratitude in my heart for her. For all we have shared. I'm grateful for the little things, from them big things grow. I'm thankful for God's endless love and grace. For stillness. My husband's support and love as he lets me lean on him, Tully's hugs, my daughter's laughter, for long lasting friendships and most of all for life. Today I am sad but grateful. Hold people close, love, love, love, say what needs to be said and don't leave things unfinished. 
Hug your little ones a little bit tighter tonight ok and be grateful. 

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