Monday, June 2, 2014

Ramak Bamzar Photography| The Dream Project

There is a story in every moment if we stop, breathe and open our eyes to take it all in. Photography captures those moments of magic and if the photographer is a true storyteller it can be something to treasure for a long time. Ramak Bamzar is one such talent, who's beautiful work adorns our home and features in our shop and were lucky to have her in our life. You can find her ad over on our sidebar and here
Ramak's taking the leap and following her dreams to do full time photography after living in Melbourne for close to four years after immigrating from Iran (hell yeah, it's really exciting!!). 
Have a look over at Pozible at's this great campaign running on to get Ramak to her dream of being able to do photography full time and have the equipment she needs to get the quality of shots she needs. For those that don't know pozible was designed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations, and make great things possible. Ramak's running a campaign to raise money for new equipment and is offering some great photography packages for those needing personalised photos done of their little ones, family and special events. Take a look, support an incredibly talented soul reach her goal and make the world a little bit more awesome. Go on you know you want to.

Her 'the Dream Project' is running for the next 60 days, head over and take a look and support a very talented photographer, go here and at her website too {you can find her here}. Looking forward to bringing you more of her photography over the next month.
x Mummafox
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