Friday, June 27, 2014

BITS + PIECES: a weekly collection

The diffused, filtered light of winter has been beautiful this week. Slivers of yellow and white have been cascading over the floor and walls. Shafts of light surrounding the children in beautiful  auras. I've been mindful of the simple things. Siblings playing, picnics with toys, teaching Miss 4 to warm the teapot to make tea, spontaneous moments of love. Having to take rest while we have been sick with headcolds and fever has made us more aware of the slumber and slowness that comes with winter. 

The garden grows more slowly and is vulnerable to the elements. The bare limbs of the maple and the local gums reveal more of the song and turbulent dance with the wind. The flight of birds encumbered by a sudden gusts of wind often changing their determined course. We have snuggled under quilts on the couch, with the fire on watching winter play out of our front window. Taking in the seasonal changes, planning our Intentional learning embracing nature, drawing our nature walk finds. Taking time to nurture the body with plenty of rest, bone broths, thick soups and warming teas.  With the rain showers + storm clouds painting stormy shadows across the landscape we've talked about what we've seen. Miss 4 has a growing awareness of the fading light outside, and is comforted by the ritual and warmth that comes from lighting candles and turning on our lamps each night. 

The children snuggle right in of an evening, as night descends, warmed by the fire, we read books or watch tv together. Little Fox has taken to curling up in my lap and falling asleep with rocking and settling, he's been so tired and congested that he seeks comfort in my arms for much of the time. Miss four is often content close by on the couch. Days are often slow and play eb and flows depending on their energy. I've taken time to read and rest as well. 

Not long after the kids fall asleep the coughing begins, a restless rhythm that lasts for much of the night.  Eucalyptus balm opens the airways but it'll take time for them to recover. Broken sleep sometimes leads to grumpy dispositions and low energy the next day, so we've been enjoying slow mornings on the couch where not much is planned. I'm accepting with the need to take rest and I'm mindful to heed my body's desire for healing. May it come soon. 

This week's Stills:
1-3. playing with seasonal veggies and picnics this week for Intentional learning. 
4. A moment I'll treasure, I looked up and it was the most purest example of support, connection and love between them. They held each other in a hug and I melted. 
5. Miss 4 taking a photo of her painted toenails. 
6. She's been such a big helper this week caring for her sick brother. 
7-8. Drawing the rain and dreaming of snowflakes. Using stacking crayons and our rainbow crayons (you can find them in our Intentional learning resources for purchase). 
9.-10 Practising our alphabet
11. Snuggles

How have you coped with winter descending? Are you staying healthy and warm? 

I'm joining Em for Stills and you can read all about the past Poppyfoxathome Stills here, there has been a few. Follow me over at bloglovin here
Stay warm + have a good weekend.
x Mummafox

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