Sunday, June 1, 2014

Autumn the garden in June - The garden series

Autumn has been unseasonably warm. The rain has watered the seeds and seedlings and brought on a healthy start to the new plantings. We have watched seeds shoot and the garden take on growth, there hasn't been a lot to do but wait and watch. The rows of Bok Choy were ravished by caterpillars overnight to my great dismay and l have been busy making sure that lettuces and the brassicas are safe from those hungry caterpillars. The planted rows need weeding and sewing for the shop has taken much of my time so there is still work. There is more l wish to do these next few weeks. Seeds to sow, coriander to lay down. I want to attempt herb scones and rosemary flatbreads this week using herbs from my garden that grow plentifully to enjoy with a Shiraz. Tomato vines will be pulled this week and carrots and new plantings put in to fill that space. New garlands of fabric and bottle tops to act as wind chimes and as a deterrent and milk bottles cut as seedling barriers used to stop the cats digging. Mulch to be laid down after the weeding to keep the ground warm as winter is upon us. 

Growing vegetables an update|

What's growing in the garden|
Chocolate mint + mint
Blueberry plant {leaves changed to Autumn tones and are starting to fall off} 
Broad beans {40 cms high not flowering yet}
Capsicum small heirloom and large varieties.
Dwarf beans
French Traggon
Lemon tree
Lettuce bed of mixed lettuces and Cos.
Lime tree {lots of blossoms}
Olive herb plant
Olive trees {fruiting}
Parsley {curly and flat}
Passion fruit {there's a fruit!!}
Potatoes up from last season in the twine patch
Two types of radishes
Raspberries {dormant}
Rhubarb {dormant}
Strawberries {cut back and mulched to retain moisture}
Lemon Thyme
Snowpeas {starting to flower}
Snap peas { 40cms high in the teepees}
Zucchini {one plant remains, last three zucchinis growing}


Ongoing tasks|
Working on cat proofing the plot
Adding scraps, egg shells, straw and paper/ shredded waste matter to the compost bin. 
Added dried egg shells to lettuce bed to keep snails at bay. 

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's the strayed table {} and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  Follow me over at bloglovin. What's growing on your garden at the moment?
X Mummafox
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