Thursday, May 29, 2014

Taking time to create.

Taking time to create. Just like the breath it's important. I found my balance in growing things, being grounded with the earth growing vegetables; cooking, and creating with fabric and thread when l began mothering. There is a beauty in birthing dreams and creating something. The act of mothering the sacrifice, time, the giving and receiving, the surrender, the joyfulness and the unlimitless love. It's not dissimilar to creating something from fabric and thread. The coming together of cloth, the blending of texture and colour, the joining of pieces and the making of something to be worn, hung or enjoyed. Each one of my pinnies, bags and quilts brings a joy and balance to my life.
This week l took some time away from cutting fabric for Sunday Pinnies, pants and intentional learning to play on my own. It called for new Bunting. I used my little trimmings pack from Umbrella prints and l love it. I also do custom bunting over here, if you are interested just contact me for pricing. 
Made with the Trimmings pack, a couple of off cuts of Bird textile fabric from my scrap bag and a natural cotton binding l think it's earthy with a touch of the ocean for inspiration.

Here it is, what do you think?

Participating in the Trimmings 2014 Competition for Umbrella Prints, you can see all about it here
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