Saturday, May 3, 2014

May in the garden- The garden series

I've been sewing like crazy this past month and have left my garden to the elements. The rain has been welcome but unfortunebtly the neighbours cat decided it was amusing to dig up my carrots so I'm at a loss about how to cat proof my garden. If the rain holds off I'm going to get the tribe out to weed, mulch and plant out more of the garden. It's looking good though. How's your garden going? 

Growing vegetables an update|

What's growing in the garden|
Chocolate mint + mint
Blueberry plant
Bok choy
Broad beans {coming up from seed}
Baby/dwarf beans {20 plants + flowering}
Broccoli {small seedlings} 
Carrots {pitiful amount of seedlings}
Cauliflower {small seedlings}
Coriander {planting second plot from dried seeds from summer}
Capsicum small heirloom and large varieties.
French Traggon
Lemon tree {lots of ripening fruit}
Lettuce bed of mixed lettuces and Cos.
Lime tree {lots of blossoms}
Olive herb plant
Olive trees {fruiting}
Parsley {flat}
Passion fruit {fruiting}
Peas {small crop no flowers as yet}
Two types of radishes
Raspberries dormant
Rhubarb {cut back and dormant}
Strawberries {lots of foliage, some flowers}
Lemon Thyme
Snowpeas {coming up from seed}
Snap peas {planted from seed on teepees}
Tomatoes- mini Roma's green fruit ripening slowly. 
Zucchini {one plant remains}


Ongoing tasks|
Weeding the garden and mulching.
Working on cat proofing the plot
Adding tough tubs to the second garden bed due to bamboo overtaking ground soil. These tough tubs will hold garlic, leeks + kale. The family are buying some for Mothers day. 
Adding scraps, egg shells, straw and paper/ shredded waste matter to the compost bin. 
Adding dried egg shells to the new plantings that are starting to come through the planted beds. 
Let's not talk about the worm farm {it needs a major overhaul.}

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's the strayed table {} and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  Follow me over at bloglovin. What's growing on your garden at the moment?
X Mummafox
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