Thursday, April 3, 2014

Teething| lessons learnt + a giveaway

My Little man has been unwell with cold and teething these past few weeks. His such a happy chappy for much of the time that it's a shock to the system for all when he becomes miserable and unable to sleep. The change in weather, teething symptoms with those molars coming through has left him tired, irritable and in need of lots of cuddles. 
We've visited our chiropractor this week for an adjustment, his amber necklace is on full time and the teething powder has been getting a work out too. At nights the one thing that has helped ensure that the inflamation and fever is kept at bay at nights was Nurofen along with his dummy and cuddles. I'm a firm believer that supporting my children with natural and mainstream medicine is necessary when they are showing teething symptoms of fever, are distressed or in pain, you do whatever works for that little person. 

There's a couple of things that l have learnt about teething-
1. Providing activities and play that is fun and engaging with Miss 4 and Little Fox is a great way of taking his mind off teething. Building blocks, music hour, singing Songs for the Wiggleworms {this always gets the kids going}, reading books and stacking boxes has taken up a lot of our days at home.
2. In the kitchen, for meals, homemade vanilla bean custard, yoghurt's, fruit and green smoothies {recipes here} and soft sandwiches and fruit platters help when his gums are sore. My mac and cheese for dinners {recipe here} and rice cakes are great too for the soft but chewy snack treats. Really when little ones are off their food try mixing it up a bit. Bliss balls have become the new go to when Little fox refuses all else and is just teary, he'll stop and take bites and it gives him a bit of energy to keep going, I might even get a smile {recipe| the kitchen series here}. 
3. Teething powders and gels are great when all else fails, great for your handbag and basket when you are out and about. Teething rusks were just way to hard for his little sore gums.
4. Nurofen for children and panadol. If they are running a really high fever both are handy. I have found Nurofen for children works better at nights and have honestly found nighttimes are starting to get better.
5. Lots of bibs {little fox loves his blue one}, a dummy on a clip for easy access for car trips and pram rides, Sophie the giraffe has been great as the natural rubber is great for sore gums when they just want to chew on something. 
6. Plan your days, keep things simple, if you can grab a shower you're doing great. Disney movies, painting and art activities for the older kids are great when you are busy settling the younger sibling. It's been great having Miss 4 painting at the kitchen table or doing an Intentional learning class next to us while I'm holding Little fox and can't get off the couch. It keeps everyone happy.
7. Lastly, it won't last forever and surely, they have to get all their teeth at some point. I think for Little fox we are nearly at the end of the teething journey at 15 months. Praise God!

Now for the giveaway- 
This month there will be four giveaway, one each week to celebrate the Poppyfoxathome blog turning 2!! 
This week I've got one copy of Unravelling the Magic of Discovery: A parent's guide to supporting child development to give away. I've found it to be a great resource with useful information on milestones for age groups, support and tips for parents and information on how to recognise and treat common illnesses, there is also a great website with lots of information too here. I've found it helpful these past few weeks just getting advice that is easy to read about where Little fox is at developmentally. I also use the pain scale in the book for Miss 4 when she is unwell and she's able to gauge how she is feeling. For those with young children and babies then this book would be a great read for you at home. It offers guidance on developmental play and activities for the different age groups that can often be helpful when you tired, in need of coffee and a few years sleep. I also liked the easy layout of the book, tips on encouraging positive behaviours, health and well being information and lastly, the visual resuscitation chart because let's face it we should know what to do in case of an emergency. All you have to do is leave a comment to be in the draw or leave a comment on this blogpost on Instagram or facebook and the giveaway will close Sunday 13th of April, a copy of the book will be send out to the winner.
What are some of your tips and tricks for teething and sick little ones? 
How do you keep everyone healthy during the colder months?
Good luck.
x Mummafox

The competition is now over, winner is @krista_mooluu. Thank you to all the commented on social media. Another giveaway begins 13th of April. 

Disclosure: No financial compensation was received for this product review and all opinions are my own.
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