Thursday, April 24, 2014

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

Easter was such a full time of talks with Miss 4 about Jesus, grace, forgiveness and God's love. We spent afternoons crafting bunny egg bags for friends and family, there was an outing to the city {thanks Lise}, lots of sewing of Sunday reversible pinnies, bunting and fox pants for the Chestnut festival on the 4th and my birthday thrown in. 

Our Week in Stills-
1-3. Chalk drawing at Nanas
4-5. Miss 4 had an outing to the museum with friends so I could sew.
6-9. Easter fun times, making egg treat bags with my poppet bunnies. Egg hunts- this was Littke fox's first while Miss 4 was in her element. 
10. My birthday 
11-14. Sewing, sewing, sewing!!!
15. The sandplay collection and tray was set up for the kinder kids. Such a beautiful space and my precious collection ready for little fingers and big hearts filled with story and emotion, I truly love sharing the joy and revelation of sandplay and I'm excited that these kids will get to use it throughout the year. 

Joining Em for Stills and you can read all about the past Poppyfoxathome Stills here, there has been a few. Remember there's also the fabric giveaway this week just take a look at last weeks' Turning 2 blogpost and leave a comment to enter. And a Muppets giveaway starting honor row so stay tuned. Follow me over at bloglovin here and let me know what is happening in your world, I'd love to hear from you. Have a good long weekend.better get back to the sewing machine. 
x Mummafox

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