Thursday, April 17, 2014

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

Our week busy with forest adventures, painting eggs, intentional learning classes at home, trying to get Little Fox to sleep and enjoying some down time. I'm still trying to carve out time cutting fabric for Fox pants and Sunday pinnie's and sewing when the kids let me. 

Our Week in Stills-
1-2. The colour of intentional learning in our home. I've been getting crayon packs ready for the market. These went to Toby. 
3-4. I really wish Little Fox would do more of this. 
5-8. Intentional learning. Painting eggs, learning to shell hard boiled eggs newly painted. Music hour and watching Easter time films. 
9-16. Taking time for a walk in the forest and nature studies for intentional learning. Exploring toadstools, collecting seeds, leaves and miss to paint. Looking for fairies, telling stories, being a family. I really do love these times. 
17-19. Poppyfoxathome turned two! For our blog birthday this week we are giving away a fat quarter fabric pack to one lucky person. Just leave a comment over on the giveaway or here mentioning the giveaway to be in the running. You can also comment and repost on Instagram for a second and third chance, just #pfgiveaway @thepoppyfox. It's open to international readers as well.

Joining Em for Stills and you can read all about the past Poppyfoxathome Stills here, there has been a few. Remember there's also the giveaway this week just take a look at this weeks posts and leave a comment to enter. And another next week too.
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x Mummafox
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