Sunday, March 2, 2014

The end of a summer in the garden/ Garden Series

The summer garden is coming to an end. Kookaburras, native parrots and cockies have enjoyed abundant sunflowers in the garden, entertaining us all. Tomatoes still flourish but digging over the garden and getting the soil ready is this weeks task. Manure waits to be dug in. Packets of seeds ready for planting. I'm overhauling the stakes and garden stores to make things more accessible. Ads just got his tonsils out so I'm playing nurse and taking care of the kids. The cooler weather is a welcome change. We've been harvesting blackberries by the bowl for eating with homemade vanilla bean custard or in a baked scroll, making lots of bliss balls, sourdough bread, Berber tagines, lemon syrup cakes using our lemons and veggie soups {watch on Tuesday for a handful of recipes}.

Growing vegetables an update|

What's growing in the garden|
Apple mint
Blueberry plant {still alive but leaves burnt}
Coriander {drying second lot of seeds}
Lemon tree
Lime tree
Olive herb plant
Olive trees
Passion fruit {not fruiting but healthy foliage}
Raspberries & neighbouring blackberries {harvesting small amount}
Strawberries {cut back and mulched to retain moisture}
Lemon Thyme
(tiny tommie's, beef steak, mini Roma's)
Zucchini {one plant remains}


Ongoing tasks|
Cleaning up and digging over the main sections of the garden.
Adding manure to soil and turning it over. 
Adding scraps, egg shells, straw and paper/ shredded waste matter to the compost bin. 
Storing the dried egg shells to add to the new plantings that will come through in a couple of weeks from seed. 
Overhauling the worm farm {on hold till march} we've moved it to a shaded area. 

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's the strayed table {} and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  Follow me over at bloglovin. What's growing on your garden at the moment?
X Mummafox
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