Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {Autumn at home}

Our Intentional learning classes at home have centred around the garden and the home. New plantings and art projects centred on the changing light and colours of ochre, hay, beeswax, cumin and moss, I've been reminded of the beauty and significance of this season. Driving in the Dandenongs to dance class I watched kookaburras in the trees and a wallaby sitting by the roadside just watching, I stopped the car and witnessed it moving back into the undergrowth. The seeds we planted the week before last are pushing their way through and it's beautiful to watch Miss 4 discovering a new patch of seedlings in the mornings while still in her PJ's. 
Our Week in Stills-
1-7. Miss 4 and I have been busy in the garden. There are new plantings and art work in the garden. Plantings of coriander, parsley, dill, french tarragon, mixed lettuces, spinach, dwarf beans, snow peas, bok choy, mixed coloured carrots, beetroot, radishes, snap peas, market peas and silver beet.
8. Passion fruit cupcakes from the easiest butter cake recipe. I shared it this week in the Kitchen Series {you can get it here}.
9. For Montessori classes our intentional learning has centred around Autumn. Stringing felt balls, autumn leaves and cupcake wrappers. They greet us as we return home and adorn our front window in joyful Autumn hues.
10. Making Sunday pinnies and fox pants for Miss 4, new custom listings will be up on the blog on friday.
11. Miss 4 practising sewing with hessian, needle and thread.
12-14. Little fox still teething, his walking and has moved into his own bedroom this past weekend. 
15. Stories of Autumn during play.

Joining Em for Stills and you can read all about the past Poppyfoxathome Stills here, there has been a few. There's also the Kitchen Series + recipe link up {I'm sharing the cupcakes here}. Follow me over at bloglovin here. Let me know what is happening in your world.
x Mummafox

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