Sunday, March 16, 2014

Around here| Taking Stock

There has been so little time this week to form a coherent thought, much less write. I've been caught up in the everyday and stay with the flow of things. I'm taking a moment to look at what I've been doing, and embracing the list...

I am...

making plans for Autumn planting in the veggie garden.
cooking soups, simple meals, tagines, bone broths and mexican. Using the last of the tomatoes harvested this week and our herbs.
drinking coffee from our new machine, real barista coffee, goodness it's good. Lots of water and pots of tea with Miss 4 in the afternoons.
reading Sleep no more by Iris Johansen, the new Donna Hay and frankie.
wanting this house to be organised but hours slip away and it's getting ahead of me, again.
looking at my kids and feeling gratitude for them every day. 
playing yoga tunes, songs for the wiggle worms and the Audreys. 
wasting time being to critical of myself, I need to learn to love and trust myself more.
sewing a reversible Sunday pinnie and a pair of yoga pants for Miss 4 with reclaimed fabrics, featuring Babar. Trying to perfect the pattern.
wishing for this print for my birthday and this blogschool to inspire me with my blogging.
enjoying finding ways to have balance in the everyday.
waiting for Tully to walk. He took his first steps this morning. One, then a couple more, he was so proud of himself. I could not stop cheering.
liking the warmth of a cup of chai in my hands, taking sips as l watch a movie and enjoy the simple pleasure of time with Ads.
loving afternoon yoga with miss 4, the stretch of the asanas and focusing on the breath.
hoping that we can find a free weekend to go bush walking. 
marvelling at how much Miss 4 is learning to write and refine her art skills.
needing to get a chiro adjustment.
smelling the fresh rain and the gums and garden.
wearing bamboo, silk and organic cottons.
watching the impossible such an emotional film of one families experience of the tsunami,  a complete emotional roller coaster.
noticing the changes in nature, the turning of a season and the need to nurture as the weather gets colder. Ginger, garlic and warming bone broths have featured heavily in our cooking of late.
thinking about how to spend more quality time with Ads, without the kids, nurturing us.
bookmarking too much on pinterest and reading blogs
longing for wellness for my tribe, may this winter be kinder to us than last year.

What are you up to at the moment?
x Mummafox
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