Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nominations for voices of 2014| Cast your vote!

This is a shout out post. I'm kind of asking for you to take a moment and vote. 
It's that time again when readers and followers of bloggers get to vote for their favorite blogs, to become the best voices of 2014 {you can do that here}. I follow so many of those nominated in 2013, and since starting Poppyfoxathome a year ago I've become part of an amazing community. March will see the blog turning two and it would be great to start the year with a bang. 

This year we will be publishing the Kitchen series, the Wellbeing series, Practising simplicity, Montessori at home| intentional learning series, Garden series, 52 project, Stills, and Reflections on Mothering, and a series of Craft DIY's. If you like what you see now is the time to cast your vote, and you could win yourself $200 for just doing it.

It might sound odd but I have no idea how many follow my blog {seriously} or what you all think- so this is your chance. If you like what you read, you've got favourite posts of mine and follow with a smile on your face, head over to Kidspot and put in a nomination. I'm just saying it would totally make my day to be one of the 100 bloggers chosen and crazy if l got to be one of the top 25 parenting and personal voices of 2015, I'm just saying. 

So click over here at Kidspot and take a moment to cast a vote for Poppyfoxathome or other bloggers you love and follow.

Ok enough talking I need to get dressed and get Poppy ready for Kinder.
x Mummafox
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