Monday, February 3, 2014

My sunburnt garden/ Garden Series

I love a sunburnt country the rolling hills of different hues of ochre, honey and straw. Summers filled with the ocean breezes, days in the water, the smell of sunscreen and bare limbs with little clothing. The past weeks of heat waves have finally taken there toll on the garden. It's a bit depressing. The sun beat down and burnt plants quickly, all that is now left are patches of dried hay, the green tomato plants standing with sunburnt leaves and the odd capsicum plant struggling for survival. There are numerous thirsty cucumber, watermelon and flowering zucchini plants dry from the constant onslaught of heat on heat, that are hanging in there.

After harvesting the last of the silver beet, kale, beans, lettuce, heirloom carrots and beetroot I pulled all the dried plants. Some were collected and added to the compost. The long summer days and constant heat exhausts everything. I've stopped thinking of turning over the soil in fear that it will lose even more of it's moisture content. The 16 sq feet of garden which is our front lawn has largely been left fallow to rest till cooler weather sets in, when once again the bottoms of our feet don't burn from the heat coming off the path and that there is the promise that seeds can once again flourish. 

I am a firm believer that we should teach our children and let them help whenever they ask or show interest. I began teaching Poppy to garden. We forage for herbs and produce for wraps and salads but it is sparse at the moment. Kids love to watch and mimic what they see, lately our intentional learning classes have incorporated gardening, life skills and cooking. We have been busy collecting gum leaves outside and painting them with botanical prints during the hot days. The kookaburras and rosellas have been keeping us company with their laughter out front in the gum trees and seem obsessed with eating the sunflower seeds. 

Growing vegetables an update|

What's growing in the garden|
Apple mint
Blueberry plant {struggling with sunburn}
Coriander {drying seeds}
Lemon tree
Lime tree
Olive herb plant
Olive trees
Passion fruit
Pineapple sage
Raspberries cut back
Spring onions
Strawberries {cut back and mulched to retain moisture}
Lemon Thyme
(tiny tommie's, beef steak, mini Roma's)

Spring onions

Ongoing tasks|
Mulching with straw/pea mulch.
Cleaning and digging over sections of the garden.
Adding scraps, egg shells, straw and paper/ shredded waste matter to the compost bin. 
Storing the dried egg shells to add to the new plantings that I'll do as the cooler weather comes.
Overhauling the worm farm {on hold till march} will be moving it out of direct sun.

I'm joining the Garden Share Collective over at Lizze's the strayed table {} and checking in monthly with what's happening in the garden.  Follow me over at bloglovinWhat's growing on your garden at the moment?
X Mummafox

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