Sunday, February 16, 2014

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

It's been a busy week but I finally got a date day with my lovely husband before he has his operation and celebrate a early wedding anniversary and valentines all in one. I'm learning that even with kinder comes days that are to short and a to do list that is to long. There is a never ending pile of washing to wash and dry, food to make and a house that needs a major overhaul. We all face it I'm sure.
Our week in photos-
1-2. My love for colourful kantha quilts, I bought none though perhaps next time.
3. There have been so many hours this week holding Tully as he got his molars and was unsettled. He is such a trooper and there is more coming through. It could have been worse at least l was able to read my book.
4-5. There is a new brewery opening up close to home, we went and bought a handmade beer for Ads for Valentines day. 
6. Miss four has been practising her pen holding skills daily, she hungers to learn to write and tell her own stories.
7-8. So many milestones, learning to throw a ball and swim towards it. Miss Four going up a level at swimming after being victorious with freestyle and kicking/diving under the water. 
9-14. A magical saturday afternoon lunching at Bella Verdere in the Yarra Valley. I've dreamt of eating there for a while and it finally happened. The food was incredible, slow cooked pork belly, artisan bread, crisp Chardonnay, rich, plum red pinto noir and a vanilla brulee tart that l will remember for a long time. It was lovely spending a couple of hours with my husband kidfree alone. {if you ever get the chance to visit Bella Verdere you must try the food}.
15. My Valentines.
16-17. The vines and grapes of the Yarra Valley.

Joining Em at the bettleshack for Stills and you can read all the past Poppyfoxathome Stills here, there has been a few. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's weeks have been like. What did you get up to? Oh and you know it's voting time for the Kidspot Voices of 2014, if you like what you read and want to vote for Poppyfoxathome that would be awesome {you can do it here}.
x Mummafox
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