Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Practising simplicity| Holidays

Holidays for us are about slow mornings, little plans and long, lazy days at the beach. Adhoc picnics, sandy adventures and walks in nature. This summer there have been days when we've risen early, packed the car, chosen towels, toys and headed straight to the beach. It's the place where my tribe feels most at home. We spent a wonderdous week down the great ocean road in our rustic beach shack enjoying time away from the rush and noise of life. It's a time of replenishing our energy, enjoying the simplicity of bare feet and bathers, salads and cold beers in the afternoons. 

Whilst the need to get out and explore was high on everyones list there were days when we woke late, dozed, pulled out books, shared the couch, played and enjoyed the sound of the kookaburras, and the wind rustling the gums beyond the front door. I found joy in watching the kids and Ads play and engage one another in stories and the inclusiveness of home life. Our Montessori home lessons focused largely on nature. Collecting gum leaves to paint, learning the local flora and fauna, exploring rock pools and sea creatures and showing Little fox the joy in wading through the waves, building sandcastles and making mandalas with shells, feathers, sticks, seaweed and gum nuts.

We had our morning rituals of cuddles, tickling sessions with Ads and breakfasts of poached eggs on toast or cereal before we began the day. Somehow it's easier to let the rhythm of our days be dictated by our mood when on holidays. When l am home time goes and there is so much more that needs to be squeezed into our days. I simply forget to slow down and be sometimes. I'm holding onto the simplicity of our days away now that l am home in the hope that l can enjoy doing less, holding onto the mood of our morning rituals, listening to the needs of my children and being more present with the breath.

I came away feeling replenished and blessed by the time with my tribe. Those lazy lunches of seafood and fresh salads. Swimming in the ocean, walking along the coastal tracks, late dinners as the sun set of tacos {recipes in feb's the Kitchen Series} and simple street fare at the  festivals and eateries along the beachfront. Witnessing and taking in the wonder on my little one's face as he touched the sand and buried his toes into the sandy depths of a sandcastle, or when Miss Four did a perfect asana on the sand.

This year l desire to be more present with being than doing. That when l am engaged and busy with doing that I can remain aware of the rhythm of my children and myself so that l can maintain more balance in our family life. That is the learning l want to embrace this year. 
What have you all been up to?
What are the lessons you have been learning?

x Mummafox
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