Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ramak Bamzar Photography- totally floats our boat

I'm really fortunate to be surrounded by some pretty incredible and talented people. Friends that make me smile and fill my heart with gratitude. One of these people is Ramak from Ramak Bamzar Photography. We went to the St. Andrew's twilight market the other night to sit in the chai tent at dusk with a couple of friends and give Miss Four, a pony ride. Little fox enjoyed watching the light through the trees and people watching. My kids are full of personality and Ramak captured the kids and their little personalities perfectly. She continues to astound me by her talent and moreover, the kindness and warmth she extends to others including my tribe.  Simply put, she floats our boat, and we have been really lucky to be blessed with her friendship and some incredible photos of late {you can see more of her work here and here}. Ramak is a natural at looking behind the lens and knowing which moments to capture with her camera, better than I ever could. 
She's started up her own business Ramak Bamzar Photography {you can find her on Facebook and over on my sidebar}. She's doing a special deal for family and personal photo shoots until the end of January and she's really affordable too. Just shoot her an email or head on over to face book and book a photo shoot. There's a special package over the silly season so take a look. She's crazy good and the photos are ones I'll treasure for a long time.

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