Sunday, December 15, 2013


She is four today. The anniversary of Poppy's birth, when life changed four years ago just shy of tea time and a new story began its telling. Holding those ten little fingers and ten little toes and wrapping her little body in the warmth of my shawl. Such humanness, love, honesty and magic in one little person. And not much has changed. She is forever present, often singing, full of sparkle, taking life and adventure in her two hands. 

This morning she woke to forest friends ready for adventure, wrapped pressies, pancakes, lots of cuddles and kisses and a hearty rendition of happy birthday.

Last Sunday we celebrated her birthday along with Tully's with family and friends but today was just for us. A trip to Warrandyte to sit by the river, immerse our senses in nature, play and share in the joy of Poppy's special day.

My fun-loving, free spirited, ever singing, adventurous, creative, and story-telling Miss four. I adore you. Happy birthday. Love mum, dad and tully. 

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