Monday, December 2, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {the arrival of summer}

1-3. Sunday pinnie orders and homemade gift wrapping
4. Green smoothies featured on The Kitchen Series here.
5-7. Rest times, montessori lessons and play time {yes Tully is eating my coffee table}
8-10. Crafting ready for my tribe's Under the Sea party this sunday. Oh the prep!!
11-16. A baby blessing for Bon, a community, the first day of summer, blowing bubbles which was a first for Tully and watching nature. Couldn't stop the kids from roaming. 
17-19. When it's 34 degrees, get the teepee out, the chalk, bowl of fruit salad and the sun screen and you're all set.

I'm joining em for this week's Stills: a weekly collection. Hey while you're here why don't you become a member of the blog, or follow over on Instagram @thepoppyfox. And don't forget tomorrow's recipe share and link up for The Kitchen Series, this week I'm sharing recipe and DIY party inspiration. Happy Monday to all you folk.

X Mummafox 

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