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The Kitchen Series- Green smoothies and recipe link up

Welcome to another of The Kitchen Series today. It's all about being green with smoothies. I serendipitously stumbled upon a couple of blogs and articles over the past couple of weeks about the importance of eating more leafy greens. I mean we are family that lives from the veggie patch but it's always good to be reminded of what you should be eating especially when it's coming up to Christmas time. Once again I'm embracing the green smoothie.

Fruit smoothies are a quick, healthy breakfast hit, Miss Three has her favourites. Sometimes l will make her smoothie and then add my greens to it for my green morning smoothie. Recently, we have been enjoying banana, berry and fresh orange and ginger juices and smoothies with a dash of honey or vanilla. I've got a couple of green smoothies recipes that I've labelled shrek food but really Miss Three just isn't all that interested. I'm holding out hope that green becomes the new pink for her but at least she's enjoying yoghurt and fruit smoothies. For the last few weeks I've been getting into green smoothies in the mornings when l remember to have all the ingredients {hahaha} to combat fatigue and try to detox ready for the summer months {I'll admit to drinking that morning coffee too}. There are a few favourites that l am going to share with you today. Series 2 of the Syrian dishes will be up in the next couple of weeks but I have a very unsettled and unhappy Tully and I'm mothering in the trenches {with a smile on my face but I'm tired}, along with party prep for the 8th for my two munchkins that will be sharing a birthday and soon to be one and four {oh my}.

Green smoothies might sound really scary. But did you know, leafy greens are a fantastic source of calcium, which is really important it your diet isn't so great or you're dairy free. If you balance out the greens with fruit it makes for a really healthy morning start and adding raw parsley is a great source of potassium, which stimulates the kidneys to eliminate waste matter and toxins; and you get great skin too {bonus}. It's also a great source of magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin C. It is important that you mix up the greens you use in your smoothies {read all about it here }. I use my thermomix to make smoothies because it's quick at blending kale and spinach into a liquid but you could use a blender too. I would encourage you to start with more fruit that greens though as it's a unique taste to get use too and you really need to build up to have a handful of kale in your smoothie unless you have an incredible palate and can adapt quickly. Serve it in a old jam jar and a cool straw for added incentive if it's pretty you're more likely to drink it.

The beginners green smoothie| recipe one
Handful of green {spinach, kale and chard}
cup of orange juice
1 banana
250g of water

It's not easy being green | recipe two
1 green apple quartered
1 pear
1 cucumber
1/2 an avocado
1 handful of kale {or spinach}
small handful of parsley
60 grams of ice cubes
250g of water

The blue monkey | recipe three
1 banana
250g of blueberries
60g of ice cubes
1tsp of honey
1/2 bunch of spinach
500ml of water {or juice}

Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear | recipe four {I especially like this one} Reminds me of Emily Gravett's book, which is a favourite with my tribe.

Juice of 1 orange
1 pear
1 green apple
1 banana
handful of spinach
60g of ice cubes

The Orchard Smoothie | recipe five
1 pear
1 banana
1 apple {cut into quarters}
I handful of blackberries
2 large bunches of spinach
{or four kale leaves and some spinach}
750ml of water {you could go half and half apple juice
and water for a sweeter hit}

Green in the Tropics | recipe six
1 fresh coconut {flesh and juice}
1 banana
1 mango
{sometimes l add pineapple if l have it}
1 handful of spinach
 2 ice cubes

Pineapple and ginger blitz | recipe seven
1 banana
1 apple
1/2 cup of fresh pineapple
1 slice of ginger {small thumb size}
1 large handful of kale
750ml of water {or you could use coconut water}

The green mix | recipe eight
1 apple
1 cucumber
1 banana
Slice of ginger 
handful of spinach
handful of kale

How to make green smoothies in thermie or a blender|
I put all ingredients in the TM and blend for 1 min/ speed 8. You can use the turbo button too to start the green smoothie off. Once TM is blending, gradually add water. I blend for 1 min and then check and add more water/juice and blend for another 20-30 seconds/ speed 9.

* photo sourced here
Next week I'll be sharing some birthday inspiration and then part two of Syrian food series. Remember to link up your foodie blog posts and share recipes, tell others about The Kitchen Series and encourage them to get involved. Recipe sharing, once a week for The Kitchen Series, every week for the rest of 2013.

Monday, November 25, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

1. Flower and sand mandalas in dappled sunlight. 
2. Chalk houses and stories of fairies
3-4. Water fun
5-6. Sewing Sunday pinnie's, miss 3 making people for my sewing box.
7. I'm in awe of Sandra Eterovic's artwork.
8. Selfie taken at the designfiles open house. 
9. Most mornings I crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn for Miss 3 and he gets the bed {really not cool}.
10-12. Chalk, bare feet, watermelon, hours of trampolining with dad. I love the laughter. 

I'm joining em for this week's Stills: a weekly collection. Hey while you're here why don't you become a member of the blog. And don't forget tomorrow's recipe share and link up for The Kitchen Series, this week I'm sharing the second in the Syrian series. 
X Mummafox 

47/52: a portrait project

" a portrait of my children, every week, for 2013."

Poppy/ expressive making stories with  sand and flower mandalas 

Tully/ your such a water baby

~ Joining Jodi over at Che and Fidel for the 52/2013 project ~

Thursday, November 21, 2013

An adventurous morning- The Design Files Open House

This morning I dropped Miss Three at kinder and went on an adventure with Little fox. We dropped in to Lucy Feagins' "Design Files Open House 2013". She's amazing truly, so I had to go. It was a little busy but seriously the house is filled with gorgeous artworks, furniture and design that is simply amazing {absolutely drool worthy}. I picked up a few things for Christmas to outfit the kids rooms + I'm planning on finishing the kids teepee for their collective birthday party with a bold fabric print in green from Umbrella Prints. I also dreamt of my wish list of future purchases like a portrait by Sandra Eterovic, bright artworks by Beci Orpin and of course a botatical artwork by Rachel Castle. You know if I had a spare couple of thousand {hahaha} I would done some serious shopping.  
Anyway if your in Melbourne I recommend you go and check it out it's only open for four days, it's free to go, and the coffee's great too. The design files open house from 21th-24th November, located at 9a Westley Street Hawthorn. 

Enjoy the sunshine. Hmmm, back to mount washmore and vacuuming. 
X Mummafox

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting my craft on- Sunday pinnie's

Do you know I make pinnie's that are reversible, fun and unique for your little ones? And reversible bags {Charlie slings and Amber totes} and quilts. Well l do, and l love it, all that colour, diversity and vintage linens + buttons, and coloured thread detail. I have been busy making reversible pinnies the last two weeks and I'm lucky my Miss 3 {soon to be 4} is happy to model them for me. She's a hoot. I got sick of shopping for the same clothes every other child seemed to be in so I started making Sunday pinnies using vintage and reclaimed finds, handprinted fabrics and artisan fabrics that are one of a kind, fun and most of all packed full of personality. I take custom orders, there is still time for christmas orders {15th dec} so if you're interested just shoot me an email at or head over to my Etsy shop for ready to buy pinnie's. Custom order spots coming tomorrow in the shop for bags, quilts and clothing. And reversible Sunday pinnie's cost $50 for size 00-1 and $55 for size 2-6. Free postage till Christmas in Australia for orders over $100 and local pickup available for Melbourne peeps. 

Joining thelittledrummerboys for Wordless Wednesday.

How about becoming a member of the blog & over on Instagram @thepoppyfox. If you are interested we are running a recipe/cooking link up each Tuesday -in the kitchen for {The Kitchen Series} for those that want to participate.

Have a great week all. 
X Mummafox

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Kitchen Series- Syrian Salads and recipe link up | part one

Welcome to another The Kitchen Series today. There's been a lot happening at home. My tribe have been busy reading books in the sunshine, playing in the sandpit, crawling everywhere it seems {and I mean Little fox not I}, cooking and getting crafty the past couple of days. I've been getting my groove on sewing up some custom order Sunday pinnies, taking lots of photos of Miss Three in them and enjoying the colour and texture of the dresses. When I'm not sewing, or chasing after the kids I've got my nose in a book, attempting to reorganise the veggie garden, trying to steal a moment with Ads or I'm in the kitchen trying out a recipe or cooking up a storm. We've been enjoying cold salads, BBQ, homemade vanilla custard, green/fruit smoothies and baked banana bread of late {you can read all about The Kitchen Series here}. We were gifted a big bag of homegrown broad beans from a friend, I'm planning on doing a smashed broad bean, pea and mint bruschetta starter Wednesday night along with fresh pasta or broad bean and haloumi fritters as the weather cools again.  

Today, I'm sharing two great recipes from Sharon Salloum's book Almond Bar, it found it's way into my library book bag when we were getting books for the kids and I haven't been able to put it down. I'm writing this, while watching Miss three in a pool out the back, as Little fox sleeps, attempting to read a recipe book in full sun because that's how we roll {taking multitasking to a new level me thinks}. Anyway, where were we.... These two Syrian dishes that I tried last week are perfect for a hot summer's day. It's easy to do while juggling a hundred other things, it uses seasonal produce and can be altered for little ones easily {I thought a lot about how l would change things up too using what l had in the pantry}. You know you're onto a winner when your family come back for seconds {the kids included} and Ads tells others how good it was.  I've been really interested in trying different recipes and the Almond Bar is a great recipe book full of yummy recipes that l am dying to try. These salads are reminiscent of our days back backing around Turkey in our 20's especially on our boat cruise from Fethiye to Olympos, this Burghul salad is very close to what we ate, which was a great surprise.

Falatet smid- Burghul Salad | recipe one 


4 cups (320g) of coarse Burghul 
1/4 green cabbage, leaves separated
2 tomatoes, finely diced
large handful of flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
1/4 cup (70g) of tomato paste 
3 spring onions, chopped
3 tsp of salt flakes, or to taste
1/2 tsp of dried chili flakes
1/4 cup (60 ml) of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup (60 ml) of lemon juice
10 iceberg lettuce leaves

How to make in normal

  1. Soak the burghul in a bowl of cold water for about 2-3 hours. I did this in the afternoon while we were having a crafternoon and just left it to do it's thing. When it's done, just drain and set aside.
  2. Half fill a medium saucepan with water and bring to the boil over a high heat. Add cabbage leaves and cook for about 1 minuter or until softened enough to fold easily. Remove from the water and leave to cool in a colander.
  3. Combine the burghul, tomato, parsley, tomato paste and spring onions, salt, chili flakes (you can put these on the side and serve individually if making for kids too, that way it's not to spicy), olive oil and lemon juice in a big bowl and give it a stir. Taste and then add more salt or lemon juice if needed. Use the lettuce and cabbage leaves to scoop up the salad.

Recipe Notes

You can use this as a side to a meat dish, with shredded BBQ chicken. You don't have to use the lettuce leaves but it's tastes great when it's wrapped in a lettuce parcel. You can use a tomato chutney if you don't have a tomato puree/paste handy. I did this and it was really tasty. You could also try using a onion jam along with the tomato paste too. Here's another recipe worth a try Burghul Salad with Chickpeas, Caramelized Onion, Feta and Tarragon

Fatoush | recipe two

I made this salad with the falatet emid salad with a couple of soft boiled eggs for our main meal. It was a great way to finish a day spent outdoors.


2 Lebanese cucumbers
2 tomatoes
5 radishes
1/2 red capsicum (pepper)
1/2 green capsicum (pepper)
4 iceberg leaves (or a handful of salad greens)
large handful of purslane leaves (optional)
small handful of mint
small handful of flat-leaf parsley
3 spring onions
1 piece of Middle Eastern Bread

3 cloves of garlic, crushed
2 tsp of salt flakes
1 tsp of sweet paprika
3 tsp of ground sumac
1/4 cup (60ml) extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup (60ml) lemon juice

How to make in normal

  1. Wash all the vegetables and herbs and allow to dry for a good ten minutes.
  2. Cut the cucumbers length ways and remove the seeds. Then slice or dice into 1 cm pieces. Cut each tomato into eight wedges. Half each radish and then thinly slice. (we didn't have any when l made it so l add baby broad beans to the dish).  Cut the capsicum, remove the membrane and seeds and then cut into bite size pieces. 
  3. Roughly rip the lettuce leaves into bite size pieces. Roughly chop the parsley, mint and spring onions into 5mm slices. (I usually make sure the herbs are finely chopped by throwing them into the thermomix along with the spring onions on speed 4/5 seconds)
  4. To make the dressing, place all the dressing ingredients into a small bowl and mix. (I like to throw these into the thermomix and blend on speed 4/5-10 seconds till well combined saving a bowl to wash).
  5. Toast the Middle Eastern bread either as a whole piece of in bite size pieces in a preheated 180 degree, fan forced oven until golden brown. Alternatively using a small frypan and a little olive oil, throw bite size pieces over a medium heat until they are toasted and have taken on a golden and crisp texture (I find this the easier way to do it).
  6. Place all the salad ingredients in a bowl, mixing in the bread pieces and pouring the dressing over the salad. Toss the salad a few times to make sure that it all gets an even coating of salad dressing. Serve immediately to avoid soggy bread.

Recipe Notes

The recipe calls for purslane leaves and radishes in the salad, I didn't have any handy and that was OK. I left them out and added blanched broad beans without the skin. It gave it a great texture and colour to the salad. Also my little ones aren't keen on the peppery taste of radishes so we often don't use a lot unless we add them later on. Other additions could be  blanched broccoli, toasted almonds, feta or boiled eggs quartered. Felafel's and hummus dip for a starter and then this salad would be a great meal for a family. Seriously it's so easy and you can use a good organic sour dough like l did for the bread in the salad I just made sure that l got a crust on the bread pieces for the salad. 

It's a balmy 30 degrees today so l am heading outside now, without the computer, a cold glass of something and enjoying some rays before l begin cutting a quilt. How about becoming a member of the blog or leaving a comment sharing a recipe you are fond of. Past recipes from the Kitchen Series can be found here. There is also a linky below for you to link up your  recipe blog posts and share the foodie love. We'd love to hear from you {really, really!!}, now as you were.
x Mummafox

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