Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Spring Gardening Giveaway {and the winner is.....}

And the winner of the Spring Gardening Giveaway is..... Zanni Arnot from mylittlesunshinehouse. She wins our first ever giveaway {happy dance}.

A box of gardening goodness is bound for your garden Zanni filled with all manner of yummy goodness including:
Parsley herb seeds
Heirloom sunflower seeds
Lettuce all year seeds
Snowball cauliflower seeds
Climbing peas
Zucchini seeds
Golden Dwarf beans

Congratulations just shoot me an email at with your details and I will send it straight out to you. Thanks for all the entries. I'm holding another giveaway in November, celebrating Handmade by giving away one of our Charlie Sling bags to celebrate the sunny season. If I'm overwhelmed by entries it might be two bags to two lucky ducks. Until next time, enjoy the sunshine and happy Gardening Everyone!!

x Mummafox
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