Monday, October 14, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {Special moments}

This week was filled with special moments, small and big moments of gratitude and love, an anniversary, gifted photos of my tribe & snippets of their adventures {along with all crazy & chaos}. 
1. & 2. Getting this little one to sleep is a battle he just wants to be held. Why oh why won't he sleep in his own bed? When he sleeps l love taking it all in, those little toes, that perfect little nose, just how wee he still is. 
3. The fun times {and oh the mess!} of first finger foods, we have been busy trying recipes and next week is the first baby/toddler food edition for The Kitchen Series, he's keen on quinoa and roast veggies.
4. Bee and basket- his favourite toys all right here.
5. Montessori lessons this week focusing on weighing and measuring ingredients for making bread and Anzac's.
6. Moments where you see the love and friendship between my two. {heart squeeze}
7-9. Celebrating our being together for 11 years with a mini date, it was lovely. My Ads is one in a million.
10-12. It was little fox's first swim class with Ads, Miss Three was there to give support. The moment where she put her arm around him, so lovely {another heart squeeze} Those two are such water babies. 
13-14. Precious moments of joyful cuddles at a church fair. The rabbit was Miss Three's favourite. {she's growing up so quickly}
15-16. These incredible shots capturing my tribe and their personalities by a dear friend. {you can read all about this week's here and the complete collection here}.

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