Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When parenting is like a outgoing tide

The realness of homelife

I've learnt a lot about acceptance. It's ok to embrace pj days, a basket of washing to fold, a basket of ironing long forgotten and a kitchen bench covered with every item you own. It doesn't make me a crap housewife. I'm a mum. 
Colouring and painting with Miss Three, watching Little fox go from lying down to sitting up on his play mat chuffed with himself because he knows he has done something really cool is more important than a clean house. 

Then I found a couple of hours as Miss Three went to kinder and wow look at that- a clean kitchen and house. I even started Spring cleaning. Funny how the first photo is really my everyday and the later what I wish for. Sometimes we're in the trenches and other days were like super mum. Whichever day we wake up to it's important to find our balance, breathe and accept whatever comes. And sometimes keeping things simple is all you can manage. 

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X Mummafox
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