Sunday, September 22, 2013

The great garden experiment #7 + Spring giveaway

Early Spring has blessed us with a mix of weather great for gardening. I've been inspired to cook and eat different meals, returning to salads, bbq's and simpler, lighter meals. The sun on our faces, warming the earth, encouraging growth in the garden and lifting our spirits after the crazy winter we've had. With Spring comes bare feet, less clothing, days outside doing nature themed Montessori lessons. Identifying plants and herbs, watching the bird life, weeding, harvesting vegetables for meals, doing chalk drawings and exploring Spring in the garden. The change in seasons calls for a little Spring giveaway {open Australia wide}. A box of spring/summer seed packs of collected heirloom sunflower seeds and a variety of Spring veggies- beans, corn, lettuce, sweet peppers and lots of lovely garden goodness to get you started. The perfect opportunity to teach our little people to grow their own food or attempt to do it for ourselves. The winner will be selected randomly, all you have to do is leave a comment here, become a member of the blog or comment over on Istagram using hashtag #pfspringgiveaway. The Spring competition/giveaway closes October 19th 2013. Easy Peasy! 

Over the last week, I pulled weeds that were camping out in my parsnips and rows of carrots. Six rows of heritage carrots and two rows of parsnips grow strong and tall. We thinned the leaves of the broccoli and cauliflower that were choking the dill and little bean seedlings nearby. Heirloom tomatoes from Ceres were planted in a row in front of the kale in full sun near the front window. Last year I had skyscraper tomato plants towering over the front door so I'm praying for a bumper crop this year for salads, lasagna and Mexican dishes. I mulched, picked and gently overhauled the patch still full of winter veg {you can read all about the patch here}. We had really strong winds a couple of weeks ago that pulled my snow pea runners off their teepee's leaving a low lying ball of snow pea tendrils at the bottom. There are blossoms and the beginnings of what looks like a bountiful harvest of snow peas of it's way. The sunflowers which grew over winter {I know random craziness} and blossomed a week shy of spring are colourful but coming to the end of there flowering. More will be planted this week. So much already growing and being harvested it will be hard to find room to plant seeds for a few weeks. I am determined to find a spot for a good bed of corn, summer lettuce {a neighbour gave me some heirloom lettuce seeds that l can't wait to plant} and sweet capsicums ideal for lunches, finger foods and salads. 
Here's a rundown of what's happening-

rows of carrots, parsnips, salad greens and broccoli's nestled together in supportive rows
our first snow peas
self sown sunflowers stand tall next to snow peas and coriander
beetroot seedlings used for salads and stir fry, I think it's the nicest way to thin them out 
we have harvested three of these beauties in the last two weeks
our dwarf flowering lime 
not a lot of room but the celery and leeks will be harvested soon for broth,
slow cooked casseroles and stock
three patches of spring onions all in different stages of growth
Desiree potato bed
strawberries died off during winter and are back flowering and ready for summer
dwarf spring beans have been planted in the only available space in the garden
daffoils and tulips that Miss Three planted for Easter coming up along the edges of the garden
yesterday our Montessori lesson ended with a nature study, gardening and chalk art.
What's growing in your garden at the moment? 
x Mummafox

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