Friday, September 13, 2013

Some things I love {noticing the little things with gratitude}

Little feet running across the sand, resting on the couch, jumping in puddles. Little fingers exploring your face, clutching your fingers and reaching out for toys. For simple pleasures, a good book, lightbulb moments, movie date night with my man with a glass of wine and fingers crossed, no kids. That extra half hour sleep in you didn't expect {amazing when it happens}. A hot coffee warming my hands as I drink it while it's still hot. The ritual of making a pot of tea. The long stretch in yoga. Being able to do counselling and sand play with clients. Sleeping in a freshly made bed. Morning conversations with my little ones. Creating beautiful quilts with fabric and thread. Living a life of faith. I'm honoured to love and be loved. To be a wife to an amazing, kind, honest and funny man. A mother to two feisty, imaginative, captivating and truly beautiful children. I love spontaneous cuddles and hearing laughter. Enjoying cold margaritas and good mexican. I'm glad that being imperfect doesn't stop me from learning and being able to say I'm sorry. The more I practise the easier it gets. Spring blossoms, veggies growing out front, the sound of kookaburras and wattlebirds high up in the gums. The view of the mountains and deep cloudy skies casting shadows. Sitting down to scrambled eggs cooked by my mother yesterday that were truly amazing, when to tired to care for myself after sleepless nights with Tully. Watching family together and shared memories being made.
For friends that open their hearts, lives and make time for my tribe and I. That years span our friendships. That we can be together through life's joyful moments, raising kids together, the deeply, winding roads and long journeys of learning, heart ache, adventure and self discovery. I'm mindful of how lucky I am, that there are others facing bigger trials and losses. No matter what I'm facing I recognise that it could always be worse. I am present and grateful. For the time to discover the beauty of the everyday, for storytelling and stopping to acknowledge the little things that often go unnoticed. 

What are you grateful for? Do you account for the little things?

X Mummfox

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