Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seasonal reflections on Motherhood and home life {8 months in}

This week we have been enjoying picnics, days at the beach and park, bbq pizzas and outdoor adventures. We're barefoot, happy, healthy {yey finally!!} and embracing the new season- Spring is here.
I've been practising letting go in a new way with the changing season. We've had three clear months of sickness with moments of wellness thrown in. It's been perhaps the hardest time for our tribe. Throughout Winter we have been hibernating, focusing on acceptance, eating slowfood and hearty broths, resting, learning to stretch and practise yoga and enjoy family life. 
As a mother I've been drawing within, building my inner resiliency and focusing on nurturing Miss Three and Little Fox. It's been a time of deep contemplation too where l have slowed down and focused on simplicity in my inner life and in our home life. It's been a big year.
I often get caught up in busyness, push myself to hard, lose focus and forget to stop and breathe -it's an ongoing lesson. I believe life is littered with lessons. And I’m a big believer that until a lesson is learnt, life will continue to send situations our way that allow us to experience something that triggers our required teaching. And sometimes it's a lesson about letting go and walking away.
This year l have been practicing reflection and transparency, learning new ways of exploring my faith, communicating, seeking wholeness, practising and seeking forgiveness, healing and letting go of bitterness. It's humbling to work on your issues, accepting and letting go of excess baggage that you have been holding onto. Allowing a rebirthing of the inner-self and happiness to return. Growth comes with time, openness and humility. I wear my heart on my sleeve, often overcommit and if I stop looking after me I become resentful and a shouty, reactive mother. I'm starting to listen more to my needs and asking for help. My children have made me a better person, I hold them close and know they are the greatest gift in my life apart from my marriage to Ads. 
Being aware of this I've been learning new ways of living and being, it's a slow process and daily practise but I experience a wholeness in life I didn't have before. Throughout Winter and now Spring we have returned to morning rituals and embracing a more unstructured daily rhythm. 
The little ones are growing too, finding independence in play and exploring their world. Learning their limits, finding their feet. Little Fox is now sitting up, enjoying finger foods, playing with his sister and I've really enjoyed watching them love, create and explore together. Miss three loves venturing outside for play, she's revealing more of her personality, developing friendships for a lifetime and expressing that amazing, creative imagination of hers.
I have also been conscious of decluttering our home with the opening of blossoms and the scent of jasmine, wattle and eucalyptus in the air. Overnight the wool blankets and quilts were folded and set aside and we returned to simpler bedding and clothing. Blinds up, Vintage florals, crisp white sheets and blue dots.  Belongings no longer needed taken to the op shop. The practise is immensely freeing like shedding a winter coat. The windows and doors have been opened and nature is inside. My orchids inspire me as I cook while I watch Miss three in the sandpit creating stories, with flowers, shells and figurines, those bare limbs, sandy fingers and water play. 
We have been focusing on daily lessons to observe nature and the new season. Afternoons spent doing chalk drawings and harvesting spinach, baby beetroot leaves, rocket, herbs and heirloom sweet peppers for salads and pizzas. Feeding Thomas our native Cockatoo {so named by Miss Three}. Picking wildflowers and making daisy chains and crowns & vases of flowers claiming space on the windowsill. Spring is here and we are rejoicing. 

How have you embraced Spring? What did Winter teach you?
X Mummafox

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