Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fabric love {when your planning some crafty goodness}

I'm about to begin another quilt using the most delicious fabrics. Yellow marigolds, pale lemon, smokey greys, linen, dusty pinks, lush greens and liberty florals. I'm a huge fan of Umbrella Prints, it's featured heavily in my Winter's Nest quilt which adorns my bed all year round {seen here, here and here with my little fox sleeping, a personal fav}. 

Their new range is here {I'm uber excited}. There are projects that we have started here at Poppyfox Hq that l am determined to finish this Spring. A skirt in deck chairs fabric for Spring designed by the lovely and talented Sarah {you can buy her fabrics here}. A frame tent for our home for indoor adventures, reading time and secret meetings {what fabric am l going to choose}. Pillows for the couch and quilt for a client. The design specs for this quilt are muted botanicals and nature themed fabrics reminiscent of vintage florals, the 1950's, incorporating linen and natural colours. It will take a while but all good things l find do. 
Floating World {so many to choose from}
new horizon in glaze
Mabelandgeorge fabric, the chairs are becoming a wrap skirt

Our's needs a sanding, coat of wood oil + some fabric
What crafty projects have you got going at the moment?
x Mummafox

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