Monday, September 30, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection {the city edition}

1. Enjoying a cuddle with my little man, he just turned 9 months old. 
2. Crafternoon play date new friends, it was such a precious afternoon. 
3. Little fox has learnt to sit up all by himself, I figure it's better for him to work these things out. 
4.& 5. Cooking up a feast for the Kitchen Series {you should all link up, recipes for brownies found here and for the Gourmet farmer's hash recipe found here}
6.& 7. After 15+ months we got babysitting and had date day {oh it was so good!!} Breakfast at Birdman eating, the french toast was incredible, you should visit {check them out here}
8.& 9. Spending precious time seeking out treasures at the Holy Grail at Books for Cooks {bought this little River Cottage gem}
10.& 11. A gleeful shopping trip to the new Lark store {read all about it here and here}
12. A beautiful dress for my special date with the lovely ads {thanks Laura} and my salties
13.&16. I was uber excited to visit Silo, an absolute dream for living the simple and environmentally conscious life. We were spoilt with romantic strawberries and clotted unpasteurised cream and the healthiest Nana inspired cookie ever. I long to speak with Joost Bakker and learn from him. Actually he only lives up the hill from me literally. I'd love to design my future home with his help and have a sustainable farm/B&B studio set up, oh dreams, dreams {read all about Silo here and sustainable architecture here, really it's all awesome}. I'll be sharing some more about him and sustainable living ideas a bit later on.
17.& 22. Lunching at Cookie, it's a longtime favourite watering hole of ours. Movida was closed so we walked to here and wasn't disappointed. The duck, pineapple and mint salad was incredible and the large wine folder while a little daunting, the Sangiovese I chose was excellent. Can't wait for the next time {and it won't take us a year next time!}

What did you get up to this past week? Mine was really eventful {happy dance} not just about housecleaning and lack of sleep. Hope yours was a good one too. 
Joining the Beetleshack in Stills: a weekly collection.

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Have a wonderful week. 
x Mummafox
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