Monday, September 16, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

1. & 2. Imaginative play surrounds us, playful figurines and Miss Three's love for rainbows.
3. & 4. A day spent with best friends. Dress ups, a feast, a catch up, endless laughter and shenanigans. {I love these kids, such spunk}
5. We went to a party
6. then Miss three made a birthday cake with sticks and sand for all her guests and l sang Happy Birthday. {she loves that bit}
7. Tully is sitting up, this casual lean that allows him to grab toys and us with wild abandon.
8. & 9. Our winter/spring garden with lots of vegetables ready for harvesting. I got to weed the garden and mulch. Beetroot leaves, cos, snow peas and spinach for salads and stir-fry. Baby carrots for dinner and winter veg coming on ready for picking.
10. &11. You'll find her drawing with chalk most days doesn't matter where as long as she can draw. {we have started carrying around a bag of chalk for this reason}. Hard to believe here, she's got full blown tonsillitis, such resiliency.

What did you get up to this past week?
Joining the Beetleshack in Stills: a weekly collection.

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Have a great Monday everybody. {it's a self imposed pj day here Miss Three has tonsillitis, so it's couch time and Peppa Pig reruns as she gets better, sounds hard doesn't it}.

x Mummafox
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