Monday, September 2, 2013

BITS + PIECES: Stills- a weekly collection

Spring has sprung out in our veggie garden, the skies are bluer, we have ventured outside for play and adventures minus the hoodies, winter woollies and gumboots. Finally!!! 
1. Enjoying the dabbled shade of local gum trees
2. Miss three decided we should call him Thomas, everyone meet Thomas. 
3. Gardening time, well I weeded while she ran around like a crazy person after childcare with an awesome hairdo. Such spunk. 
4. Montessori lessons have focused on expression and home life practical chores. This gift paper for daddy's Father's Day present provided an hour's entertainment {not sure about the bat in the drawing though}.
5. Peg art- bringing spring inside {this is a sunflower}
6. Playing on the fort at my old primary school {flashback}.
7,8 & 9. Cloud watching with Little fox. Exploring spring and a cheeky selfie shot of the two of us. He is such a spunk. He's got great cheeks just for kissing. 
10. I'm hunting rabbit. 
11. Water and sand play at Nana's. 
12. A birthday cake with candles {it's not my birthday} but she sang three rounds of happy birthday.
13. She's a mini me with boundless energy {really exhausting}. 

What did you get up to this past week?
Joining the Beetleshack in Stills: a weekly collection

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Thank you to everyone that has left comments recently you really lifted my spirits while I've been stuck with a family of sick ones {for seven weeks}. 
Have a wonderful week everyone. 
x Mummafox
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