Saturday, September 7, 2013

36/52:a portrait project

A day at the beach down at Merricks, moments to cherish. It was such a great Spring road trip and adventure. Sand, water, rolling green hills and exposed rock pools.  My tribe happily exploring the sand and surf. This week I could not choose one so its a collection. 

Poppy: joyfully running from the water, laughter and freedom bubbling over. Exploring the rock pools for shells and sea creatures. A blue bucket and green spade, hours of enjoyment right there. 

Tully: enjoying sand between his fingers. Watching sea gulls take flight. The sun setting over the beach at flinders. Sitting with dad watching the water roll onto the shore and his sister playing. 

~ Joining Jodi over at Che and Fidel for the 52/2013 project ~

How about becoming a member of the blog or over on Instagram @thepoppyfox.  If your interested we are doing {The Kitchen Series} recipe link up here every Tuesday. All you have to do is link up on my blog post your favourite recipe blogposts {or on Instagram #pfthekitchenseries} and we will be on our way.
Enjoy your weekend and all that Spring is revealing. 
X Mummafox

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