Friday, August 23, 2013

Taking Stock {the story of our week}

Something I found on Pip's blog. Something I feel might help me take stock and ease my way back in after a few days of baby holding, feeling sick and not much else. 

:: So here goes ::

Making : time for myself and Ads it's much needed. 
Cooking : Wintery loaves of sourdough and chia seed bread, soups, tagines and bakes.
Drinking : a pot of milky Melbourne breakfast & honey. {Throats killing me}
Reading: Frankie
Wanting: Warmth and sunshine
Looking: forward to a sunny day to venture outside. 
Playing: picnics with Miss Three, comforter to little fox and all round mum.
Wasting: time worrying about the long list of things for tomorrow's baby market stall. {I have to be up at six OMG}
Sewing: nothing we've been to sick to head out to Nana's. My sewing machine sits on her table alone and quiet {and that's fine as I can't get off the couch at the moment}.
Wishing: I had more time to create. Rest/sleep. And cook. And garden. And play.
Enjoying: reading blogs while I hold Tully over the course of the day and night. Yep that's how we roll. 
Waiting: for Ads to come home from work. {yep pathetic but there you have it}.
Liking: it's nearly the weekend and we get to spend time as a family. 
Wondering: when Little fox will figure out how to sleep in his cot, be unswaddled and sleep through. My bed is not where you should be. {I'm serious, dead arm is not fun and I'm bent like a question mark}
Loving: my tribe, I'm so lucky and they are so incredible. 
Hoping: Little fox feels better soon. Hate him being sick and struggling to feed. Ultrasound went well and I'm hoping the medication starts to work.
Marvelling: at how incredible spontaneous declarations of love and hugs from Miss Three just help me get through the days. 
Needing: some 'me' time. {of course it's been so long I would'nt know what to do}.
Smelling: my new Jacqueline Evans beauty products to renew this tired face. 
Wearing: my old faithful lululemon trackies, singlet and my favourite shawl.
Noticing: the sunflowers ripening ready to flower. Incredibly strange to have winter veg growing and sunflowers self sown standing tall. 
Knowing: God is with me, He is my strength and it'll all be ok. 
Thinking: do I have to?
Feeling: immensely blessed to be married to Ads, his unconditional love is such a gift. The cup of tea he makes me as I hold Little fox and another, and another is also fantastic. 
Opening: new library books and reading to Miss Three it's great to share my love of books with her. 
Feeling: Like I could sleep forever if I had the chance and someone could look after the kids. 

So how about you? 
What's going on in your life?
Do you want to play Pip's game too? Copy and paste the blank list from her blog. Here's the link 
And let me know so I can come take a sneaky peak and see what you're up to.
Have a great weekend everybody.

X Mummafox

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