Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking note {and dealing with depression}

This week I've realised that I'm coming out of the perpetual winter blues. Battling in the trenches with depression. It comes and it goes over the years like an unwanted Black dog. The skies are clearing though, thank you God. 
To the untrained eye motherhood seems pretty straightforward and easy -- you feed them, you bathe them, you pick them up when they cry -- but it's more than that. It's the chaos, the cuddles, the hours of holding, encouraging, caring and tough love. The sleeplessness and frustration on top of all that, takes its toll sometimes. Life and blogging seems easy but really it can be a big juggle too. Feeling like you also need to keep on top of your feelings, family and friendships. I fall short { something I accept} and have much to learn which more than likely will take time. This year I've been working through my stuff and being more authentic, at times it's been rather confronting. It's cost friendships sadly. I suppose that's often lead to my sharing on the blog. As I watch my children and love them, I look at my mothering and life practise taking a deep breathe,  attempt to be loving in my guidance and being grateful.  Gratitude is now a daily practise for me I guess it started in the first months of Tully's life when I realised life was getting me down. Acknowledging gratitude is getting easier as the days go on. I'm learning to rely on God to transform my imperfections and bring joy to my life.  That no matter what happens, the sun will come out and things will look up and I can lean on Him. He is my strength and I love Him. I'm grateful for my friends, family, Ads, the kids and journey. It feels like Spring is coming and I can't wait for the renewal. 
How do you acknowledge joy and gratitude in your life?
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