Friday, August 9, 2013

Honestly it's not me, it's Winter {when little one's are sick}

A little rant {it was bound to happen sooner or later}. I've been wondering this morning when will the rain stop falling, the sun come out and the illnesses in this tribe cease? It's been weeks of runny noses, lethargy, endless bouts of coughing, sleepless nights and grumpy dispositions. I'm a pretty positive person I don't believe in complaining or drowning in self pity it doesn't get you anywhere. But honestly yesterday l felt like crying.

The day started with cuddles, morning rituals of buttered bread and jam, doing the dishes together, brushing teeth and dropping off Miss Three to kinder for the day. Ugg boots, granny knits and beanies were worn by all. Miss Three was excited to see her friends and all seemed well in the world. Then the call came at noon, Miss Three running a temp of 39.4 degrees and can l come get her. Little fox was sleeping, that soon ended and off we went to pick Miss Three up and make the trip to the doctors. 

We played eye spy and colouring waiting for our turn, and when we get to see the doctor he informs me it's childcare and one of perhaps 30 viruses going around. Didn't he pick up on the white puss coating Miss Three's tonsils {genius}. Oh that's helpful. She can hardly miss out on her one day of kinder, her friends and hey I need a break {because of course on this day l do nothing}. He doesn't know that it's a day of housecleaning, mountain climbing and motherhood. Climbing and conquering Mount Washmore, the rushing, cleaning, baking, blah blah, blah and the off chance l get time, finishing my Etsy ads for the shop. But his solution is panadol and bed rest {like l hadn't known that}. So home we went.

The night was hard with high fevers, delirium {and not just Miss Three}, the constant rocking and patting of one or more children, tonsils tripling in size and a trip back to the doctors at 8am for anti-biotics where this doctor actually knew what to do. Thank God for Ads, he is such a great husband not once complaining to get up for panadol or the thermometer as l breastfed Little fox or held them. So here we are once again camped out on the couch. The fire on, bread baking, Little fox {finally} sleeping in his cot and I get to enjoy my coffee while it's still hot.

Obviously the warm ginger teas, olive leaf extract, wholefoods and vitamins weren't cutting it. She's now got tonsillitis and I've had to resort to antibiotics. I know, I know it's not ideal and everyone has an opinion about it but seriously how long do l let this go on? It's not us it's Winter!!!  I'm exhausted and I'm wondering when things will turn around. I've sort God in this and the miracle in all of this is the outpouring of love and togetherness within our family at the moment. The tantrums and conflict has ceased and that in itself is a miracle. There have been snuggles on the couch, cubbies made out of quilts, play, TV watching and storytelling. It makes all the difference.

My childhood was a mix of good and bad. Memories of sitting as my father shaved, telling stories and talking about our days. Miss Three loves doing this with her dad. Making mud pies, stringing dandelions, feeding chickens at Nana's, warming the pot for tea, warm Madeira cake and bread and butter pudding & playing cards at the kitchen table with matchsticks. I remember bouts of tonsillitis too as a child, resting in bed watching TV in black and white. Mum sewing in her workroom as l stayed indoors. I want my children's early years to be free of illness and filled with imagination, magic and simplicity. Memories steeped in goodness, Montessori lessons, play, craft and family to ground them not this endless cycle of colds and illness. It really feels like an immense black hole at the moment.

Each day I weave possibilities into their day in the hope that they have the belief in themselves to live wholesome, simple and creative lives. I quilt with Miss Three not so she learns to sew, but that she can recognise that experiences and moments can be woven together that may not match but can blend and contrast one another much like life. That the lessons I learnt and have taken on become theirs. I pray in the coming days that Miss Three heals and we finally come out of this and return to health. I want Miss Three to be able to head down to the beach to collect shells this weekend with her godparents when we catch up, run along the sand and not feel so unwell. To jump in puddles once again, hunt for treasures in the garden, create in the sand pitt and go on those nature walks we have been planning. I'm holding out for a sunny day and healthy kids, let it be soon.

Do you have old school remedies for colds that your mumma taught you?  What are your secrets for helping little ones when they are ill?

x Mummafox

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